Insomniac Shares More Details on Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One (can you believe they didn't go with Four-play as the subtitle?) feels like a whimsical, cartoon version of Gauntlet. Using a more distant automatic camera, instead of the standard behind-the-back perspective used throughout the series, this Ratchet game introduces four-player cooperation to the franchise -- and that also means crazy four-player destruction, given Insomniac's flair for futuristic weaponry.

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Forbidden_Darkness3038d ago

I can't wait to play this game! It's already on my MUST BUY list of 2011 (along with KZ3D, MSA, S4, TW and etc) and i verily know anything about it.

showtimefolks3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

ratchet 4 co-op
resistance 3
killzone 3
last guardian
uncharted 3 announced for 2012 release
agent late 2011-2012
versus 2011 more like 2012
ff14 online 2011
mass effect 2
no more heros
dead space 2 with one full bonus game
MGS rising
kojima's new ps3 exclusive believe it
and whatever else sony has in store
twisted metal

as a ps3 owner i am loving it and i haven't even listed many 3rd party multi platform games 2011 could be the single biggest year in gaming history games and sales wise for all consoles

rdgneoz33038d ago

End of this year and beginning of next year look amazing so far. So many sick games coming out.

MrLife3038d ago

So it's not gonna be a new game in the series? Just another PSN ripoff?

Baltis3038d ago

No one will buy this game. This will be the Deadlock of the generation. It'll have support for a month and then Halo 10 or COD 33 will come out and Insomniac can kiss it g'bye.

spektical3038d ago

people played Deadlocked online more than UYA...

deadlocked is one of the few games that took skill to play.


Deadlock felt like a departure from the series even though it was a pretty intense game.

Deadlock was more about big guns and less about adventure, which is what pissed me off. Insomniac need to make a new PROPER R&C game that combines big guns, adventure & fun just like the first 3 did.

TOD was OK and ACiT was just garbage, they need to go back to their original formula

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