Quick Bioshock Demo Impressions has already downloaded the Bioshock demo and has some brief early impressions.

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Ri0tSquad3871d ago

If this is what I have to do to play the demo then so be it.

larry0073871d ago

Adam Sessler of G4TV once termed cartoon HALO 3 as the best looking game on the planet!!!

Now this DEMO as the 'DEMO OF THE YEAR"!!!!!!!!

1up/egm/eurogamer/gamespot/G4 tv..surely MS have spent 3.2 billion in viral marketing to make even a VERY SLOW PACED FPS like BIOSHOCK as one of teh best FPS according to sessler!!!

Ri0tSquad3871d ago

Since halo 3's strong point is online play.

jay33871d ago


What the hell are you talking about, is it possible for almost every game reviewer to be bias? No.

You won't get this game. Put up or shut up.

All you got is what? Heavenly Sword? Great, i'll stick with God of War or Dynasty Warriors!

Oh wait, or i could just play all the great 360 games i have now...

Yeah, you get the point.

I feel like such a fanboy...i think i need to take a shower.

sjappie3871d ago

It's called jealousy, omg you're sad.

FCOLitsjustagame3871d ago

everyone who has actually played the game seems to love it but you hate it and say its VERY SLOW PACED based on... a dream or what? Get back in your leisure suit and leave people be. If you dont like the game, thats fine, everyone has their taste but so far this game seems to be sweet to just about everyone who has actually played it.

Foliage3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

jay3 you are such a tool.

The difference between Heavenly Sword and Bioshock is that Heavenly Sword is exclusive. I will be playing Bioshock, it is called a "PC". Since my PC has better specs than an X-Box 360, and any 360 game worth buying (Bioshock... and... well Bioshock) is on the PC. Why would I be dumb enough to buy a 360?

Oh yeah the 3 year warranty, I guess I could have put that to use!

P.S. What fool would use a 360 controller over the mouse and keyboard for an FPS. Sometimes I think you xbots are really wiitards.

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deadpreacher3871d ago

I know what i can say about Bioshock's Demo. OMFG does this look good!!!

Zhuk3871d ago

this game is awesome and delivers on its promises, unlike the overhyped Lair

Rageanitus3871d ago

The game does not look that good IMO, but I have yet to see a demo or the games in store.

Keyser3871d ago

So you're saying you don't like the Lair demo?

There is no Lair demo. How do you know how good the game is?

Saint Sony3871d ago

This game is so GOOD. Incredible demo, incredible mood, incredible game play. A true master piece of gaming. A must have.

Go and download it NOW!

neogeo3871d ago

oh boy! I'm getting it for the PC on day one VIA bitcomet