Why Clone Wars Adventures is fun for All Ages

For Star Wars fans, the Clone Wars Adventures Online game will be a fun exploration into the world that they know and love. Based off of the tv show, CWA follows the show in real time and is an open, social game that kids of all ages can enjoy. Ripten had a chance to speak with Lead Artist, Matt Higby about the game.

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CrzyFooL3013d ago

Between this and the Old Republic, there are going to be more Star Wars nerds online than ever before!! lawl.

KingNintendoFanboy3013d ago

I wish someone would make a new Rogue Squadron game for the Wii. I saw the Clone Wars movie in the theater and found it to be more of a comedy than a star wars movie. Skyguy...come on. I'll pass on this game.

aselah3013d ago

I love Star Wars, but it seems that it just never ends lol This game sounds cute for the kids though.

I'm looking forward to Old Republic.

jaredhart3013d ago

Not the biggest fan of the Clone Wars.