Bungie hope Reach "will have a longer lifespan" than Halo 3

Bungie is hoping Halo Reach will have even longer legs than Halo 3, according to an exclusive interview with Gamerzines.

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R2D22958d ago

Does this mean that Bungie dont expect to detrown HALO Reach from Xbox Live when there next game comes out?

TROLL EATER2958d ago

HALO REACH = TO infinite and BEYOND, everyhting else rental games

RockmanII72958d ago

Bungie's next game is supposedly on next gen consoles. Reach took 3 years, if there next game takes 3 it will come out in 2013 which will most likely be PS4/720 era. Also, if it is a next gen game people will hold on to Reach until the servers end much like how people played Halo 2 up until those servers went down in May (Or whenever that was).

TheTeam062958d ago

Halo 3's lifespan was shortened because of Call of Duty 4. It's hard to tell if Black Ops can do the same, but I still think it can last longer than 3 did. People's craze with COD isn't over yet, but it could be less so than COD4.

Steve_Urkel2958d ago

What?!?! Halo 3 is still the #2 most played game on XBL and never fell short of 2nd place, not ONCE. I guarantee you once Reach hits, Halo 3 will still be in the top 10 played games on XBL.

Did I dooo that?

bioshock12212958d ago

I know I was about to say this Halo 3 is still the second most played game on Xbox live so it still has life in it obviously.

RockmanII72958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

"never fell short of 2nd place" is wrong. never fell short of 4th place is where its at (Don't take this to seriously).

TheTeam062958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I didn't say it was dead. I'm saying it would've had a much stronger, lasting appeal if COD4 didn't get in the way.

EDIT: Holy sh*t, are you serious?....... forget what I said, because you all clearly misunderstood me. Way to jump on the defensive, guys...

Steve_Urkel2958d ago

COD4 didn't get in the way. COD and Halo have almost 2 separate fanbase's, a lot of Halo players hate COD, and a lot of COD hate Halo. If COD had such a huge impact on Halo, Halo wouldn't still be #2 after 3 years and 2 more COD titles. COD appeals to more people than Halo because of the genre that it is, more players prefer military based shooters than sci-fi military based shooters. Halo 3 outsold every COD on Xbox besides MW2 which barely beat Halo 3 by like 100-200K copies, only because MW2 was hyped up so much. If Reach wasn't coming out next month a bet you anything in the world Halo 3 would still be #2 played game on XBL until a new Halo launches.

Did I dooo that?

TheTeam062958d ago

I beg to differ. And for the love of God, you're STILL talking about the online activity. Just agree to disagree and move on.

BTW, fix your signiture. He doesn't say "Did I dooo that?" It's "Did I do thaaat?"

TheGameFoxJTV2954d ago

Fanboys took your comment to heart. This is the internet, they don't understand that not everyone is arguing when they say something. Don't take it personally.

BeaArthur2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I guess you aren't aware that Halo 3 still averages about 1 million unique players a week. Last time I was on there were over 200,000.

nickjkl2958d ago

1 million unique players a week that doesnt really make sense at all
even 200k is kinda out their

if im not mistaken unique players means people who have never been their before

so in order to have 200k unique players on average a week it would have to be that 200k people bought a new copy of halo a week

and even if you do the math 11 million copys of halo 3 sold 200k unique

11M/200k=55 way under the amount of weeks since halo 3 release

mercsfan2957d ago

you are mistaken...1 million DIFFERENT people play halo 3 a week according to BeaArthur, I can't vouch for statistic though. I can say that over 200k people play halo 3 a day.

STICKzophrenic2958d ago

Halo 3's lifespan hasn't been shortened in the slightest.

2007/2008/2009 Most played game on Xbox Live.

How did CoD4 shorten Halo 3's lifespan, when it wasn't even the most played game in any single calendar year?

2010 will probably go to MW2 though, but 2011 will be Halo: Reach.

The only thing people can say about Halo vs CoD is that the CoD user base has been splintered three (soon to be four) ways. That said, it speaks volumes for Halo 3's longevity to have remained in the top two since release.

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0mega42958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

as bungie wont be taking it down down with another halo sequel/prequal
and I don't see microsoft getting another developer to restrict themselves and make additional halos

additionally there isn't any other exclusive fps heavy hitters on the xbox 360

yet without them pretty much every owner defaults to COD

IronFistChinMi2958d ago

343 studios will handle the Halo franchise after Reach.

The BS Police2958d ago

343 Studios will also be taking over the support of Halo: Reach's multiplayer once Bungie finishes their new IP.

Capdastaro2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Another article, another stealth troll from you.

pustulio2958d ago

The only thing i want is from them is to SUPPORT the game with Map Packs and Expansions or maybe add some new stuff like they did in Halo 3.

I doubt it will get a longer lifespan without Bungie support.

Alos882958d ago

Longer than indefinite?

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