The Showdown: How important is HDMI for consoles?

A debate on whether or not HDMI is needed in this generations consoles.

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COCK3993d ago

so y do i need this i play my xbox n ps3 n wii n a black n white tv connected 2 a vcr

Maddens Raiders3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Important enough for SNE to include it from jump. And not important enough for MS to say it's not needed and then all of a sudden important enough to include it on it's *new consoles. hmm..wtfh? 0_*

So how important it is depends on the mental aptitude of the company making the decisions regarding this technology, its future direction, and it's attitude towards its customers - which evidently MS thinks have a HIGH, HIGH threshold for pain.

bung tickler3993d ago

my tv doesnt have a hdmi input (price of being a early adopter) but it does have vga and it is wonderful... i dont feel as though im missing out on anything.

ArduousAndy3993d ago

Is the same thing that happened years ago with coaxial cable and the splitter box. At the time when it first came out, it was not needed. But as technology advances it will be. At the time the 360 came out HDMI was not something that was necessary. Even when the PS3 came out it was not necessary.

However in a few years when HD becomes the new standard. Then it will be necessary.
At this moment while HD tvs are not the majority I would say not yet.

deadpreacher3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Im in the same boat my friend. Sure HDMI may be alittle better if any at times, but not far enough for me to go buy a new HDTV! By the time the next consoles come around it will be getting close for a new set and i will look for what ever is the in thing for that time. As for right now this Gen HDMI don't really mean a thing for me at least and most likely countless others as well! I believe HDMI is good and great, but to stay on topic here. No it is not that important this Gen. Very usefull if you can use it, but this Gen is more about getting people to at least get some kind of HDTV first before worring about HDMI.

Zhuk3993d ago

there is no discernible difference in the image quality that I have seen between component and HDMI, so I dont think it's important right now but in the future it could become more important I guess

Firewire3993d ago

look closer! there is a considerable difference.

DarkArcani3993d ago

The difference is analog(component) and digital(hdmi). Analog signals lose quality faster vs digital. The best way to see this is Cable vs Dish. Cable (even Digital Cable is not true digital) looks noticeably worse than dish service. Component audio quality also suffers due to only having stereo outputs. Hdmi allows for more informational output.

IRONMAN4573993d ago

there is no difference, you can get your defective 360 with sucky games while i play ratchet 5 with full HDMI support, plus you are only saying that because 360 has no HDMI, burned

Zhuk3993d ago

it's only coz your so broke that you cant afford to have both consoles that you think HDMI gives better image quality, burned

InMyOpinion3993d ago

At the moment you ain't playing shtt.

Hatchetforce3993d ago

HDMI does make a difference. A huge difference. If you want to watch high definition movies the way they were meant to be seen - and don't kid yourself so you can sleep at night - there is a huge difference, then you need HDMI.

The issue arises that if you want to see them on a 360 the way they were meant to be seen then you have to spend more on your system than a PS3 owner. End of argument.

This isn't about which console has the better stable of games right now (360 - if you don't count B/C titles) or which will wind up with th most technically advanced and a larger stable (PS3). This is about image quality right now. The only place HDMI is a must have right now is movie playback.

I own both consoles and just pre-ordered another 360. It isn't about being a fanboy. The same jackasses that say HDMI doesn't matter for visual quality are the same morons saying framerate differences in PS3 and 360 versions of Madden do matter. Well Fanboy Jimbo, you can't have it both ways. You can't say it doesn't matter when it makes your console look bad.

The leg up PS3 owners have is the framerate issues are not the matter of hardware shortcoming but rather dev team failure. Especially when more and more dev teams are turning out tabasco on the PS3.

I really like my 360 but I am so glad I picked up a PS3.

IQUITN4G3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

You are very intelligent and we all respect you

Boon Tarkas3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

PS: You seem really stoked for playing Ratchet. I would like to offer up some praise to you on your writing skills. What you wrote in this forum was really quite legible and readable. That's pretty good for someone who is what 7 or 8 years old?

Well done!

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ben hates you3993d ago

thats fine with me i have 42inch sharp, i just use the speakers on the tv, don't need 5.1, 7.1 surround sound

DarkArcani3993d ago

You don't need a 42" to see it but its still nice to have. Same with the audio. (I have a Bose companion 3 speaker system, 5.1 is for when I have a house)

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