Levine: “We never thought of Infinite as BioShock 3″

VG247 Writes:

Ken Levine has told VG247 Irrational Games never thought of BioShock Infinite as part 3 of the series, but instead as a completely new game.

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Baltis3010d ago

1 trick pony. Sure you didn't.

tdrules3010d ago

Freedom Force
System Shock 2

you probably haven't heard of them, being a casual and all.

njr3010d ago

He's probably disregarding the second one.

Jaces3010d ago

So they're still thinking about a Bio3 under the sea?

Good lord, how are they going to pull that off? I mean the second was well below the 1st Bioshock and I can't imagine what else they have to make a decent campaign for a third trip to Rapture, unless it's some kind of mission to destroy the under water abomination...

JohnApocalypse3010d ago

Fair enough. I feel like they're only giving the Bioshock name because of Sales

fredfenster3009d ago

Sure as hell seems like it. It wasn't developed as a Bioshock game, so why name is Bioshock? Sales.

kaos_fish II3010d ago

Me too - but I've heard that EA owns that IP.

DigitalAnalog3010d ago

If Bioshock 2 wasn't released. It could've been the "Final Fantasy" of FPS (different universe per sequel)

-End statement

CobraKai3010d ago

Ratpure was awesome and all, but what made it awesome was that it was a city in an impossible location. To me that's what makes Bioshock's setting special. With part 2, it wasn't all that special anymore. With Infinite, the city is once again in a new impossible location, and to me, it makes it feel like a true sequel.

byeGollum3010d ago

... Very THOUGHTFULLY said