PS3 VS 360: Price Comparison After Price Drops

RDG decided to take a look at the cost differences for both consoles since they have both received price cuts recently. This will be a quick and painless comparison. RDG knows that many deals exist out there and so to try to be as fair as possible they will be using the online pricing from the biggest major retailer Walmart.

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jinn4021d ago

the xbox 360 is still the cheaper console even after low price drops. the ps3 still remains expensive, but there's no reason to buy it because it has terrible games.

tehcellownu4021d ago

Yeah everyone knows cheaper is 360 is 600 dollars now..i wont touch it cuz it will just givin me the red shining lights

Hatchetforce4021d ago

Idiots look at immediate price, whereas intelligent buyers look at value.

Take the 360, add the following:

HD DVD player - it's the only reason to have HDMI that MS is pushing
Larger HDD - I purchased a 250GB for less than the 360 120GB
wireless adapter
Play and Charge kit - PS3 uses a standard USB cable
Wireless Headset - PS3 uses any bluetooth cellphone headset
LIVE Subscription
Computer to visit the website - PS3 can surf the web
Winning format in high definition DVD wars - Whoops too late.

I had a launch 360. Had being the operative word since it crapped out and MS went back on their word and made me pay $139 for my RROD. They sent a refurb that was DOA and now 6 weeks later I still haven't received my 360. I also preordered the HALO3 edition. But the facts are stubborn and right down the line the PS3 is a better value.

codeazrael4020d ago

What value have you gotten out of your PS3? Because last time I checked, the 360 had an attach rate of like 6 or 7 to one while the ps3 has 2 to 1. You must be thinking of value in terms of something like an extra value meal from Mcdonald's or something.

Wii60_FTW4020d ago

...when u have the best games. and 360 completely destroys what's on or coming to the PoS3. people wouldn't mind spending the money on a PoS3 if it had some games besides le$bian sword, little big world, or that lair flop. sorry, fanboys. truth hurts.

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navysealrb4021d ago

hmmm that is interesting.. but it is all up to the consumer.. if they want an all out multimedia device without buying to much extras a ps3 would be awesome.. or just want to go with a cheap next gen gaming with nothing extra a 360 will do you good...

madness4021d ago

what kind of comparison what that?? what a short article....

SacT0wnF1n3st4021d ago

it is a price comparison of the 2 consoles not the specs

ChefDejon4021d ago

a comparison to know if anybodys console is a bargin are not you should know when you but the damn thing