Top 10 Most Visually Impressive Games of 2010

GB writes: "Eight months in to 2010 and we have already seen a flurry of great games with spectacular visuals. The Big Three have delivered in terms of sheer brilliance in the quality of the games. The overall artistic design right from visualization to rendering the entire game has gone a notch higher than it was in 2009."

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Nate-Dog3038d ago

Lol, why are there games there that haven't even been released?

FFXIII should be there too. While it didn't look the same on X360 unfortunately, it looked stunning on PS3, probably the best looking game I've ever played.

gameseveryday3038d ago

Why do people dont read entire articles. The article clearly states: "So what games are or will be the most visually impressive in 2010? Here is our top 10." Common guys stop reading the title only :D

Nate-Dog3038d ago

If I read the title only, how would I have seen that there are games in in it that haven't been released.

Plus still, there could be other visually better games coming out by the end of the year but just because we haven't seen too much from them they're not in the list, which is why I think it's unfair to name games that aren't even out yet.

0mega43038d ago


and seriously this is an very opinionated article

gameseveryday3038d ago

Can you please list a few who are going to better the games listed in the article? Not many i guess.

Nate-Dog3038d ago

FFXIII, Bioshock 2, maybe Just Cause 2?

There are 3 that could take over the 2 spots taken by games not out yet. True not many, but there are heaps of games that could be out by the end of the year I could say that might look good.

ico923038d ago

Kratos looks beautiful in that screen homo

Shubhankar3038d ago

Great list. Limbo was amazing. In a creepy way. But still. One of the best 360 games I've played this year. And I totally agree with the No. 1 spot, but Mass Effect 2 should have been higher up.

0mega43038d ago

was a great game.

I liked how the whole game can be recreated in LPB as many levels have already been.

ico923038d ago

...but LBP2 will be mindblowing

halocursed3038d ago

God of War 3 is so over rated in terms of graphics...I mean common

DasBunker3038d ago

you wanna know how i know you havent played it?

0mega43038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

because you obviously haven't played the game

dkgshiz3038d ago

Yeah...ok. Clearly you never played it. It was probably the most visually stunning game of this year. Well GT5 is I suppose.

Chuk53038d ago

Dont know if your a fanboy but that is not true at all. I may not own a ps3 but that game blew me away. The scope of it is mind boggling.

0mega43038d ago

at least we agree about something for once

nirvana_sky3037d ago

i played it, the graphic really is the best compare to any games out there now!!!

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George Sears3038d ago

Gameplay wise, Peace Walker is the best of the series.

CobraKai3038d ago

i loved the CQC. Taking out dudes one after the other with a simple button press is awesome.

Anime-Vixen3038d ago

♥ Final Fantasy 13. It looked amazing ♥

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The story is too old to be commented.