House Special: The State of Microsoft Gaming

Nerds on the Rocks attempts to answer, "Is Microsoft in a better position at the end of the generation?"

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mcstorm3010d ago

MS have been a very busy company over the last few years with Windows 7 office 10 windows phone 7 360 Kinect and I do think they have something in the pipe line for the next Halo and gears what I dont know but the xbox side has been quiet for the last 12 months because they are pushing windos phone 7 and windows 7 and Bing too. MS allways seem to do this but every time they go quiet in one department they seem to hit us again with something big.
I dont think it is the end of the xbox but what they have done is got a lot of exclusives off of sony since the 360 was released and they are the better selles in this department for most games so I think they will be working on there in house studios now. I also think they will start to use Rare For alot of 1st party hard core games once the launch of Kinect is over as they have been a bit part in the 360 dash change over the past 2 years and I think it is by far the best one on a games machine by along way.

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Focker-4203011d ago

Games, games, games. You can't rely on third party only. You have to make something that gives people a reason to buy your console.

Sony already have studios working on games for next gen. I haven't heard a peep about MS's next console. Sony have really been picking up alot of momentum as of late and will try their hardest to keep it going into next gen.

They know they made a mistake at the beginning of this gen. It won't happen again. Yet MS started out very strong and up until the release of the 360 S they were struggling. There was a major dry spell of exclusives and they've lost alot of their first party studios.

MS started out great, but this was never a sprint. This gen is far from over (in my eyes) and MS have lost a ton of momentum to Sony. So are they in the same position as when they started? Absolutely not.

deadreckoning6663011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

"You have to make something that gives people a reason to buy your console."

I'm no Microsoft supporter or anything, but ANY well-informed gamer will tell you that Gears and Halo are the two main reasons gamewise that people buy the 360.

The Gears of War franchise is the most commercially successful new IP this generation between the PS3 and 360. I'm not buying these games..but many people are. The first Gears and Halo 3 moved loads of 360 consoles.

"MS started out great, but this was never a sprint. This gen is far from over (in my eyes) and MS have lost a ton of momentum to Sony. So are they in the same position as when they started? Absolutely not."

I agree...Sony is in a MUCH better position than Microsoft at this point in time as far as quality, value, reliability, and innovation.


Ummm...the shooting genre is the best-selling genres on both the PS3 and 360(Are you already forgetting what the best selling game on the PS3 is???) And how do they lack variety?? Granted, the PS3 has MORE variety as far as exclusives are concerned..but its not like the 360 LACKS variety.

Forza 3- Driving simulator

Fable- RPG

Shadow Complex- Side scrolling action/adventure

Mass Effect- RPG/Third Person shooter

Gears of War- Third person shooter

Halo 3- First person shooter

And if I recall, Modern Warfare 2, MGS4, GTA4, and COD4 are the 4 top selling games on the PS3 WORLDWIDE..all are shooters or at least involve shooting as the primary gameplay element. I do believe that Microsoft should strive to achieve the amazing variety of exclusives that Sony has..but you have to understand, 360s are STILL selling great and the majority of the 360 fanbase needs to speak up if they want more variety.

I'm srry, ut right now, it seems like the majority of 360 owners are happy to play Gears, Halo, and COD over and over again.

PoorMansGT3011d ago

those 2 are shooters,the reason why they don't have as big as a user base as you would expect is because they still lack variety. also they need at least 1 worldwide console move like GT. that moves everywhere, japan,u.s and europe.

Tony-A3011d ago

Well, to be 100% truthful, Wii Sports was the most commercially successful new IP for this generation, but I understand the rest of your post.

Focker-4203011d ago

I completely agree with your post. But two shooters aren't that much in the grand scheme of things. MS are relying on their 2 flagship IPs, which isn't entirely a bad thing, but that will only take them so far. The PS3 gives a variety of exclusive titles in genres all across the board. Which gives Sony alot of leverage in this situation.

N2G3011d ago

the way they have been doing business is very amature.

i would suggest they partner with toshiba to design & build their consoles & employ few talented japanese devs to run the xbox software devision & i'm sure they will be in much better position in the long run.

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dizzleK3011d ago

They had too much success and ceased being "hungry", much like Sony at the beginning of this gen. Too much success goes to peoples heads and they stop trying.

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