Right on Target: Halo 3, Metroid Prime 3 for US$ 30 each (if you're lucky)

A simple graphical error on a banner ad in Target just might get you the deal of the century. An online forum thread pointed us to the said Target ad, and Qj checked it out. True enough, they're offering Halo 3 and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for US$ 30 each...

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COCK3940d ago

omfg i just sh*t my pants wow now i can hav 2 games for 1 i will hav fun selling this games 2 the nerds dat live next 2 me for twice the cost muahhahahahah now i hav enought money 2 pay for my stupid divorce

Mr_Kuwabara3940d ago

It's false advertising and you can sure there arses lol. I went to buy Locoroco at a store once and it was on sale for 20 bucks and when I went to buy it the cashier said that it was $40 bucks and the special offer was expired but like I saw a flyer that said it was 20, they were obligated to sell it to me for that price. :)

WilliamRLBaker3940d ago

release but they have weeks upon weeks to fix this...

kn3940d ago

Just called target. They said they no longer have any more "preorders" to be able to sell. Goofballs. They won't take an order -- I spoke to a supervisor... Nothing to see here. Move on...