Gran Turismo 5: We're Going Go Karting (Gameplaybook)

Gameplaybook takes an in-depth look at Gran Turismo 5's new go-kart racing circuit, and what it means to racing fans.

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R2D22677d ago

This game is going to melt in my PS3.

aceofspades2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

DUDE. amazing (.)(.)

level 3602677d ago

That is simply awesome of Sony/Polyphony to include Karting.. will be a very helpful tool and good learning experience for future racecar drivers.

---stone---2677d ago

On the Kart Racing... when a player crosses the finish line in first place...Will you hear "Itsa me Kazunori-san heehee"??

cmrbe2677d ago

but i am good behind a skyline.

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