Call of Duty: Black Ops Impressions (DualShockers)

Joel Taveras of DualShockers writes, "Like most of the writers that I spoke to who attended the recent New York City Activision media day, I too was a bit hesitant when it was time to check out the latest entry to the Call of Duty franchise. It was nothing personal against Treyarch, but the previous title by the now defunct Infinity Ward team left somewhat of a bad taste in my mouth. And it wasn’t even about all the hacking that was plaguing the online play; it was because of a story that was so convoluted even Michael Bay would have difficulty understanding it. Thankfully, Treyarch is not Infinity Ward and their not trying to be. With Black Ops, they’re just going to do what they always do and that is make a solid game, not just a multiplayer shooter with a tacked-on campaign...."

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Ninferno3036d ago

can this game please come a little sooner? please?

Hitman07693036d ago

Seriously, funny how the same situation happened for my opinion of this game as what happened with MW2. First I didn't want any thing to do with Black Ops, now it can't come fast enough... I just hope the end result is total opposite of MW2 in that it impresses and satisfies me instead of infuriates me.

0mega43036d ago

and i hope that treyarch will take care of the game better than activation did with iw and mw2

yet from all the stuff in the game that they shown it appears COD will neverever be like the original mw where it actually took some skill to get kills

just makesure all the extra stuff your throwing in doesnt make using your gun obsolete
example:commando tacnife & oma noob tube

Imperator3036d ago

I skipped on MW2, but I'll probably get this one. I really enjoyed WaW, especially Nazi Zombies, and the online was fun. Besides, Treyarch seems to actually care about the fanbase so I'm hoping this one is going to be better. Still, if there's a subscription fee, I will not go anywhere near it.

taz80803036d ago

They already said you can expect more zombies again

JsonHenry3036d ago

Its got Zombies. Lots of zombies. And that is all I care about out of this game and all I need to warrant a purchase.

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Chadness3036d ago

Looks like Black Ops will be pretty darn good, from what I'm seeing.

ShadyDevil3036d ago

Time to pre-order the Hardened Edition. C'mon November!

Ninferno3036d ago

for real, November feels like its an eternity away!

iiprotocolii3036d ago

I'd probably settle more for the Prestige Edition. It comes with a nifty perv mobile that I will definitely put to good use.

dkblackhawk503036d ago

Can not wait for this game, the edition with the RC car looks awesome :D

JoelT3036d ago

people love to hate on Treyarch. They do a better job than Infinity Ward even though it's IW's engine.

SKUD3036d ago

Treyarch over Infinity Ward (orignal group)?. LMAO. Let me down a couple more beers and then maybe I can see your point.

Hitman07693036d ago

No it's really true whore (what that's his name), even if you don't understand yet Black Ops will be the one to prove this theory.

ambientFLIER3036d ago

people split their posts between the title and the main body of the comment.

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