PS3 Move 320GB Bundle pre-order sales climb at retail

Advanced sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move Console Bundle to include the new Playstation 3 320GB hardware climbed this week amid increased demand.

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Anime-Vixen3016d ago

♥ This is great. Move is gone to be a success ♥

BeaArthur3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Remains to be seen.

kaos_fish II...agreed.

kaos_fish II3016d ago

same can be said for Kinect too

zootang3016d ago

Remains to be seen?

Hasn't a lot already been shown and loved! Gamescom and E3 come to mind.

BeaArthur3016d ago

zootang...just because it works well and has games that support it doesn't mean it's going to be successful. It could be the greatest invention ever but if nobody buys it then it can't be successful.

Baliw3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Oh great we europeans get a crappy demo disc instead of a full game... Lucky us~

Oh, that test demo will be in the psn from day one?

Say with me: Rip Off

Imperator3016d ago

Move is definitely going to be a success with Core gamers. Sony has already shown us that Move is, by far, the best option for just about any genre. Perhaps it will not beat the wii, or Natal in sales, but in overall quality and games it will certainly win.

BeaArthur3016d ago

You are assuming core gamers will want to play with this instead of a DS3. I know I don't.

divideby03016d ago

Not sure if its gonna be a success, but with the amount of REAL games you can play with it. (and I aint buying either Kin or Move at launch), Move has way more shown that excites real gamers with REAL games.
Move has REAL games, price is ok and lately appears to be more accurate and precise than I can see with it does have potential

klapkip3016d ago

at Gamescom. We had high hopes but it works shit. No Move for me and friends with me.

jneul3016d ago

liar liar bums on fire, with lots of video available of move working perfectly on every single one, i think we all know who is lying...
also i played it at psn beta and it worked perfectly, we had to reconfigure it for new lighting conditions once in the whole session, that was it, it worked perfectly again...

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Denethor_II3016d ago

I don't think anyone's doubting it.

Zir03016d ago

Being 188th is nothing to shout about.

OSU_Gamer3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )


you just said it....

It was revealed on the 18th. Its the 19th.

Lets wait a while and see how much higher it goes. It WILL go higher, so why not wait until that happens instead of pointing out that it is 188th the day after it is revealed.

bioshock12213016d ago

What does that have to do with anything there have been many products that where revealed and the next day they go on to be number 1 or in the top 10. 188 is nothing to be proud of.


More than 40 Games for Move, for Casual and Real Next Gen Games for Hardcore, for sure it will be a success.

Shazz3016d ago

think i need to get this bundle and just put a ps3 in my living room those babys dont go wrong in any household , multimedia at its finest

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