Mortal Kombat: The Fatalities Are Back! (Gameplaybook)

Gameplaybook discusses the return of Mortal Kombat's over-the-top fatalities, and why they'll be just as good as they are gross.

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Anime-Vixen3038d ago

♥ They didn't even show any new fatalities ♥

N4GAddict3036d ago

I'm surrpised at how good this is looking.

Drano3036d ago

They really outdone themselves.


but this is just reiterating what we have already heard several times! get some cool new fatality footage and im on bored to give hits. otherwise lose the somewhat misleading title.

ThanatosDMC3036d ago

I like how they remain damaged... they should do this for Dragon Ball games. If only they could make Budokai 4.

Anyway, the Milina/Kitana fatality in which she rips the guy's head off then feeds on it is awesome.

Whitey2k3036d ago

day one purchase 4 me! i love mortal kombat since the 1st one came out

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