Gamescom 2010: Final Fantasy XIV Dev, 'Bioware Unknown In Japan'

NowGamer reports from Cologne and speaks to the Final Fantasy XIV team about its new MMO and the state of the Japanese market.

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fastrez3011d ago

Japan and the West...two completely different worlds with different tastes in games. Not surprised either.

Christopher3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Their loss. I enjoy good games, no matter where they're from.

frameflip3011d ago

Im not 100% sure, but didn't someone at Bioware say that 'JRPGs lack progression & innovation' and that they deliver the same experience over & over. Maybe this is just in response to that.

Lekumkee3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Keep talking sh*t SquareEnix. Bioware has released one of the best games this gen(ME:2), while everything you released so far has sucked massive donkey balls. SquareEnix = Last gen gameplay with current gen graphics.

Bioware>Bethesda>Level 5>Atlus>NipponIchi> >>> >>> >>> >>>SquareEnix.

tda-danny3011d ago

Calm down dude. I'm sure gamers in Japan thought FFXIII was better than ME2 or Fallout3, which is exactly what this article is talking about, except in relation to their next mmo's.

The SE developer said that both Bioware and Bethesda are great developers and there games are great, but they are not sucessful in Japan.

Read the article before you post fanboy rage

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Lekumkee3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

LOL! I wasn't raging. And, I did read the article and I still stand by my statement on crappy SquareEnix games this gen.

LMAO! Raging... Just wondering how did you get raging from what I posted?

Edit: NVM after reading it back it does kinda come off as rage :P The feeling I wanted to convey is more of a :rollingeyes: to SquareEnix.

3011d ago
Theo11303011d ago

They don't take note of the great achievements in games. If they looked at games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, Mass Effect 1 & 2 and The Witcher they could learn things. Such as Less cut scenes or less boring cg

Baka-akaB3011d ago

this has nothing to do with that . They are just stating the obvious that is so often blatantly ignored with the western biased media :

the japanese public (among other asian and a few other places) dont care for bioware titles , and western titles in general .

GrilledCheeseBook3011d ago

i always felt it was mostly just Japan
WOW and a lot of other pc games from the west are hugely popular in a lot of Asian countries like China and Korea.

HelghastKid3011d ago

The only thing fallout and Oblivion would teach them is how to keep bugs and glitches out of their games :p

And when it comes to CG, Bioware is king, but i agree with you all games need to stop using CG.

Im tired of people acting like jrpgs need to change when they dont. Just leave the rpgs as they are I like both of them and what they offer to rpgs as a whole, thats why rpgs are the best genre.

tinybigman3011d ago

i don't want all my JRPGs to be like WRPGs for the simple fact that i'll get bored of them pretty fast. out of the WRPGs ME is the only one i like from beginning to end; i played DAO and was liking it at first but then got bored with it really fast.

FF13 i enjoyed from beginning to end because the so called linear play didn't bother me as it bothered the rest of the world. i put in well over 100 hrs into it.

JRPGs should not try to become like WRPGs because they would lose what makes them unique, and i love the quarkiness of their RPGs over the depressing end of the world RPGs of the west.

Reibooi3011d ago

To be honest both sides could learn a bit from the other.

However in my eyes Japan is still out in front.

The best selling RPG's of all time are Japanese not western and I doubt that will ever change. The amount of units sold world wide on Japanese RPG's is almost always higher. Because while the West makes games that appeal to them Japan makes games that tend to not only appeal to Japan but many other countries outside it. Hence they get higher sales even if a large amount of those sales don't come from the US.

Myst3011d ago

That is quite saddening as BioWare is really great on creating engaging and fun games.

games4fun3011d ago

Bioware is a great company at making games but the numerous times they have slagged jrpg's has seemed to only insight a mudslinging match.

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