IGN: Gamescom: Gran Turismo 5 Preview

Kazunori Yamauchi loves cars. No surprise for a man who's dedicated what's coming up to fifteen years of his life slaving over their digital reproductions, but it's something that tells in the smile that flickers across his face as he runs through the latest additions to Gran Turismo 5's swelling garage. The series may have been criticised in the past for its clinical and detached stylings, but make no mistake; this is a game that's founded on passion.

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FishCake9T43038d ago

And on the 7th day, God gave us GT5.

The-Troll-Eater3038d ago

I cant wait for this game
I have been playing GT5P for months, while waiting for this.

cobraagent3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

On the 7th day God created Playstation
On the 8th day God created Kazunori Yamauchi
On the 9th day Yamauchi gave us GT5
I wonder what happened on the 11th day

BubbleSystemSuck3038d ago

On the 10th day GOD stop working to play PS3 forever

C L O U D3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

On the 11th day God subscribed to PS +

StbI9903038d ago

On the 12th God Loled and the word end.

3038d ago
Shazz3038d ago

cant wait to get my hands on this masterpiece .

asgharagha3038d ago

cant wait to see the grand canyon course in gt5 .i think it will be the best looking thing in game history graphics .eiger norwand in gt5 p is really beautiful but i think grand canyon course in gt5 will be 4 times more beautiful than that

hennessey863038d ago

trial mountain, thats got to be my faviroute gt track ever!!!

hennessey863038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I was hugely dissapointed with the engine noises and general sound effects in gt5 p and so far i havnt heard one gt5 video which is not covered with music and the only video i have seen which had and r8 v8 in it and it sounded terrible. im truly syked for this game but after all this time surely they can get the engine and tyre noises right. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR IM NOT TROLLING I just want to hear other peoples opinions on this

The-Troll-Eater3038d ago

I see your point but i have never been worried about engine noises so i wouldn't know
The only thing i could say i hated in GT5P was the tire squealing.

electricshadow3038d ago

I know what you mean, however, I have watched some gameplay videos of GT5 (most on YouTube) and the engine and sound effects sound fantastic. I am not a huge fan of racing games, but I will be getting GT5. Remember, this is Polyphony, they make sure their games are the highest quality. I'm sure every single aspect of this game will be amazing.

GMWPS33038d ago

that said, I got a chance to play the SLS GT5 demo and I must admit the sound was much better than any GT before though not really quite there. It was sort of a muted perfection. If I turned the volume high, I could really hear a similar sound to the real life SLS (as per Youtube) but without the exhaust backfire when down shifting. It felt like they purposely made it a bit quieter not to expose the full sound but from what I hear in the car looking forward, in the car looking backward, outside the car looking backward at the car itself (from the front grill going back) and outside the car looking from the back (exhaust to the front) there was some serious recording to get the right sound replication, just all a bit muted but spot on, which I believe is on purpose.

I guess we shall wait and see but if they are at worst like the SLS demo then believe me, they are better than any GT before!

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