Gamescom 2010: Tekken X Street Fighter Ryu Revealed

NowGamer reports from Gamescom, the first image of Ryu from Tekken X Street Fighter has been revealed, as well as some intriguing concept art

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Optical_Matrix3014d ago

That render ain't half bad. Could use a little work though. Main thing is gameplay though. All well and good having good character models but how will SF translate to 3D Tekken game system?

PS3-2473014d ago

Wow I'm liking what I see

Shang-Long3014d ago

Best part of the aticle
"Namco also unveiled the first piece of concept art for the game, showing Jin and Ryu, as well as their respective devil and evil forms"

Kingdom Come3014d ago

Brilliant, can't wait to see the entire cast, I would love to see how Blanka's design is approached.

FragMnTagM3014d ago

works, as his moves don't seem too suited for a 3D fighter. If you use the extended legs/arms moves, the other player could side step and mess you up bad. It is really going to be interesting to see how they implement Street Fighter characters into the Tekken universe.

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