IGN: Gamescom: MotorStorm Apocalypse Updated Impressions

Blur's a competitive online racer just like Motorstorm Apocalypse, and both feature systems that allow you to customize your car via a sort of "perks" system (think Modern Warfare), but that's where the similarities end. The perks in Apocalypse aren't about arming your car with the best defensive and offensive capabilities so that you can defeat others in brutal battles (though you can outfit your car with perks to make it better at harming other vehicles), but instead are about customizing the vehicle so that it fits your playstyle.

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showtimefolks3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

this is one of the most underrated extreme racing series this gen or off road if that's what its suppose to be but whatever its is its awsome and we need more awsome games

its time for psp2 with 2 analog sticks we can always wish with built in 16gb memory or more lol $199

Axecution3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

how does the PSP even slightly have anything at all to do with this? o.O Sounds like you were just begging for agrees and threw a random sentence that everyone would agree with into your paragraph to get them.
...and 2 people fell for it. -.-

LeonSKennedy4Life3039d ago

Motorstorm: Arctic Edge released for PSP.

You done complaining?

8-bit3039d ago

I can't wait, Sony really is bringing on the exclusives full force

bruddahmanmatt3039d ago

Three must buy racers hitting this fall in GT5, Hot Pursuit and Apocalypse. Motorstorm is definitely one of the most underrated franchises out there. The original was ok but I absolutely loved Pacific Rift. The game was brutal but once you learned the tracks and how each vehicle class handled it was time for hours of fun. Caldera Ridge = one of the most awesome race tracks ever imagined.

PS360PCROCKS3039d ago

reading the article made me realize that they are kinda similar. oh well if they are using cool elements of other popular racers so be it.

spunkee3113039d ago

I am a huge Motorstorm fan and can't wait till this release. I know the first game sold some impressive numbers but the second didn't sell quite as well. Which is a shame because it had a greatly improved multiplayer. I still like the first one better. But the 2nd was just as good and bigger.
I can't wait till the 3rd game!!!

alphakennybody3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I hope they bring a lot of mini challenges like the ones showed in those scenes when you're on the main menu. Its what they're only missing since the first one, Other than that it's still the most adrenaline pumped racer out now i.e the AI will slow down then BAM! out of nowhere they smash into and drag you into a cliff, or if you turn at a corner the ai will suddenly go straight to you and smash you to a wall or rock >.<

Focker-4203039d ago

Heres a few quotes from a live chat they did a few weeks ago...

"Paul Rustchynsky: The custom mode creater is a very simple icon based interface which allows players to string together various actions and reactions. We're using the very tool that the users will have on the disc to create the multitude of game modes that are initially available. So hopefully the community will be able to suprise us with their creations, or even embaress us by creating better modes than we did. "

"Paul Rustchynsky: Whilst I can't go into too many specifics on the perks just yet. What I can say is that we have 3 broad categories of perks which cover the boost, handling and combat. - Boost Perks - Will affect the power, duration, cooling and infleunce of external factors. - Handling - Will affect the top speed, acceleration, grip, steering rates, etc. - Combat - Will improve vehicle durability, rams, and few other things which I can't mention yet ;)"

Heres the link to the chat. Its got a MASSIVE amount of info...

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