Halo Reach - Top 10 Features

Little under a month remains until Bungie's penultimate tale in the Halo universe drops. But what should we be excited about? Space-battles? Jetpacks? Ostriches? Read on to find out.

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WildArmed3009d ago

My top three features would be:

Firefight or it's variant (only if ODST had MATCHMAKING!)
Jetpacks.. (what's not to love?)

KionicWarlord2223009d ago

Great list .

I was shocked by forge world and the space battles .

I really didn't see space battles coming in halo : reach .

Blaze9293009d ago

Firefight Matchmaking
Campaign Matchmaking
Forge World
Multiplayer Queue Join
Multiplayer UI

And that's it for me based off what I know

STICKzophrenic3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Firefight 2.0 with matchmaking
Campaign with matchmaking
Forge World
Forge 2.0
Theater 2.0
Armor Abilities

This game is going to be sick. A little more than three weeks until release!


"yes halo sequels may have sold well
but lacked on innovation that the original title brought to the table"

Really? Then why is that three years after release, the only other console game to implement any kind of Theater mode is Uncharted 2? Theater is a huge innovation and easily allows for video sharing.

KingKiff3009d ago

I am looking for a second hand Xbox just so I can buy this game and play online day one with all my Xbox users mates.

Fully fired up for this one, the BETA was awesome and the full game is just going to be WOW...

I have always been a Halo fan and this game just takes the cake for me.

STICKzophrenic3009d ago

If you weren't looking to get it day one, I could sell you mine as I'm gonna buy the Halo: Reach console and want to sell my current one.

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