Can Resistance 3 Become Survival Horror?

TGH Writes: "As I’m sure you all know by now, Resistance 3 was announced at Gamescom recently and along with the announcement came a rather interesting teaser trailer.The trailer itself starts out just fine, a lone survivor hops onto a train and he finds more survivors, from then on we witness the aftermath of the Chimera onslaught but as soon as that train enters the tunnel, then things start to get really interesting."

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frankymv3014d ago

interesting idea for resistance 3.

0mega43014d ago

on resistances future

maybe we could see additional game modes

similar to cod having zombies

The_Count3014d ago

I think we're all jumping the gun at the moment but I agree it would be an interesting and no doubt fun route for insomniac and R3 to take.

0mega43014d ago

has incorporated bits and pieces from other titles

such as those extra game modes similar to gears horde mode

defiantly jumping the gun with the whole game becoming a survival horror
but saying that there will be new game modes isn't
as this title keeps bring innovation to there title

Daver3014d ago

Thats what i thought when i saw the trailer.. Could be a survival horror game? that would be awesome.

@Bulletproffvess yea something similar to cod zombies deeper tho would be nice too, like some modes or something.

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Kleptic3014d ago

I think it would be a good idea for the franchise to take that direction...

the brief darker levels in R2 were the strongest parts of the single player imo...When Resistance 2 tried to stand as a 'normal' action became very generic imo...

with Hale for the most part done story wise, or at least as a playable would seem like a good idea to focus more on the civilian struggle with the invasion...

I also hope Insomniac fixes the games visual wasn't just R2 feeling sort of dated was that it lost its art style almost entirely...imo fall of man actually looked 'better' even though it had far less the entire game had a look to it that stayed looked and felt like a scifi WWII setting...which is exactly what it was supposed to be...where as R2 completely lost that with color schemes that simply didn't fit...

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R2D23014d ago

I got that feeling as well - this is not a bad thing becasue I think the series needs a diffrent type of game play to pull apart from the other shooters that are coming out.

Resistance with some Fall Out and Resident Evil would be AMAZING.

Hitman07693014d ago

Sounds reasonable to me. I'm excited for this one, I'm a fan of the series plus Resistance 2 changed so much from R1 and I'm hoping R3 will do the same since R2.

ferelinstincts3014d ago

I think that since the game is based in a world where humanity is being overthrown by a monstrous species, it has alot of potential as a horror game. :)

T9X693014d ago

I played the first game and never really got into it, but I did like this trailer. Maybe when we start seeing some gameplay I might change my mind.

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