Rumor: New PSP firmware on the way with Trophies and Friends List features

Today, I was watching the Patapon 3 game trailer from Gamescom 2010, and saw something at the end of the trailer (0:52-0:55 seconds). Both PSP-3000 and PSP Go have a Trophy’s icon and an extra tab after the PSN icon on the XMB menu. It looked like a friend’s list tab.

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Nitrowolf23014d ago

awesoem unless someone at Sony put the PS3 XMB in there then sweet. I notice the ps1/ps2 game slot which gives me doubt (i havn't play psp since mine broek so idk if it is there) and also notice the vidzone icon, i think it is fake idk

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hakis863013d ago

But when is the PS3 firmware for 3D movie support coming?! want to try my 3DTV :)

Malebaria3013d ago

On the EU PS Blog they said they´ve yet to announce a firm date but it´s definitely coming this year.

Blacktric3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Oh my God! If this turns up real, I "will" buy a new PSP instead of reparing the current one I have. Sony should retaliate against Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Achievements as quickly as possible if you ask me.

kane_13713013d ago

plus, ms also took the idea from the trophies that you could unlock in the games of past generation.

kane_13713013d ago

first of all that aint vidzone, it is icon for tv app.
second of all, that is icon for minis and ps1 memory slot.
and at third, SONY doesn't need this kind of advertisng with lies.
and even if they did, it's stupid to go through all the work of putting ps3's xmb's clip on the psp screen just for 2 seconds

fucadastates3013d ago

No Heroes Allowed has the same ending :) hoping!!!!

Mr Logic3013d ago

Agree it looks like a mistake or Remote Play.

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pork_chop_express3014d ago

yeah it does look like they just used the ps3 xmb but this is for sure what the psp needs badly.

pspgweber3014d ago

Yes, it does look like the PS3 XMB.

TheTeam063014d ago

That's the PS3 XMB, with the status bar at the top right corner, the Blu-Ray disc icon and everything. I wonder why they did that?

And it's been 5 years. If it's true.... we're getting trophies now?? After months of buzz about PSP2s and PSPhones, we'd get Trophies on PSP this late? I don't know....

mushroomwig3014d ago

Well there's nothing stopping the PSP and PSP2 from using the same Firmware code, so perhaps it is true but it's hard to believe considering how easy the trophy system would be corrupted on the PSP due to hackers.

Sneak-Out3014d ago

that looks like a Videomontage between PSP und PS3

DlocDaBudSmoka3013d ago

all i seen was a psp in remote play with ps3. nothing more nothing less.

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The story is too old to be commented.