UK site taking limited edition Bioshock pre-orders

Here's something people don't see every day, early news about a UK videogame release. Visitors to UK site will be able to place their orders for the limited edition Bioshock box set for £49.99 and receive it on August 24th. The set is not yet seen on Amazon or Play, so Brits can smile that for once, they get just a little love. Just a little, mind.

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Bloodmask4025d ago

America. But from what I have seen in the past it seems that European gamers seem to get games releases a lot later than their US and Japanese counterparts.

I am happy to see the 360 had a simultaneous release in both countries. And also a lot of games see a simultaneous release in both USA and Europe. If there is a delay it is usually minimal.

With European gamers making up the 2nd largest demographic of gamers worldwide they should be taken more seriously.

It is nice to see this Bioshock limited edition already available for preorder.

benny o klaatt4025d ago

the UK postal service at the minute because of the strikes or online retailers with preorders. i'd be gutted if it didnt turn up on friday.
just gonna buy the standard one and save myself a tenner. although if the local tesco has the limited edition i'd get it and screw the tenner

Phlapp4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Game have also had this Collectors edition on their web site since it was announced, same price, same deal.