In Action: Starcraft 2 – Mission 3: Zero Hour – Normal Mode Achievements Completed

This is the third campaign mission in Starcraft II. The goal of this mission is to defend your base and survive until the air support can evacuate you. This first run through is on Normal difficulty in order to get the "Hold the Line" achievement for not losing one building/structure during the mission. The next video will be in Hard mode to get the "The Best Defense..." achievement. SO far it is almost impossible to do all three achievements in one play through of Hard Mode for this mission. But for now, this is the normal mode run through, and the Hard mode will be next. This article includes the text walkthrough as well, to provide better detail on what is actually occuring in the video. The video is available in 1080p HD resolution.

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JsonHenry3038d ago

Speaking of Zero Hour... I really want EA to make Generals 2!!!!!!!!!!!

DoomeDx3038d ago

Is it really necessery to post an entire playthrough on N4G?

Its a News site, not some walkthrough

Panthers3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

While I LOVE SC2, this isnt really news. Its just NORMAL mode achievements, which anyone knows is extremely easy. Ive already completed every mission on Brutal.

DoomeDx3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

This doesnt belong in N4G. Period

Who approved this?

Even if i capture a duckhunt playthrough, and post it on N4G, it will get approved

Bandit033038d ago

You can make a webpage with "DUCK HUNT RULEZ!!!1! Number 1 game of all time!!!" on it and it will get approved

Bandit033038d ago

This site take a bigger crap every day. If it's not stupid posts like this, it's those crappy UBERSETZER german posts.

Rhapsody_3038d ago

Yeah thanks for the walkthrough ...

STONEY43038d ago

Seriously, an article for one of the easiest missions in the game? And this guy puts down more bunkers and missile turrets, it's easy enough with the default set, put all those extra minerals into more barracks.

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