Gamescom: Metal Gear Rising Aimed at Wider Audience

More action and fewer cut scenes.

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PimpHandHappy2979d ago

its multiplat

you can bet that more then HALF of the 360 user base did not play any metal gear games considering the average age for XBL is 25 and for PSN its 35. What im saying is MGS4 was total fan service and the amount of story in it just proves it. Most of my friends that have a 360 have only gamed ONLINE with a 360 and never played PS2 online. Infact a lot of my friends (im 36) bought into Xbox 1 and really never played PS2.

0mega42979d ago

that there flexible as developers

they even stated they they might bring motion control support

which would expand the market even further

GWAVE2979d ago Show
Domer252979d ago

Man your comment has "fail" written all over it. I see your at one bubble so i'm not even bothering.

number472979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

While I'll be the first to admit MGS is a bit pedantic in the way Kojima spins a tale, it does touch on subjects that aren't found in todays games. Political commentary and human nature are really explored in the series.

The series has also incorporated more minorities and strong non-videogamey- female leads than any other series in the history of gaming. At the same time, doubled with immature playful Japanese perversion. Has a pretty decent balance. Its just been a pretty solid ride with the series.

It really wont feel like a Metal Gear game without these things. The cut scenes and the convoluted story are all what you expect. The story takes twists and turns, and gives you way more information than you need. But there are people who love all the small details. You can enjoy the basic message, or enjoy the deeper message/meaning that ties the universe together.

This one looks to be an action spin off, well not looks, but clearly is at this point with Kojimas distance hes clarified on this game. One catered to an audience who isn't interested in any of these things, just the pictures in the book you know? Sure, Konami wants to turn a buck. MGS4 couldn't be ported into the 360's hardware for cheap/easy else they would have done it. Even then, it wouldn't sell to the 360's demographic. Who all have critisized the series for being a "movie" with 3 hours of gameplay. With that negative association with the series, Konami is taking these well known characters and themes, and wedging them into another genre.

I don't see the action hungry Rising fan, revisiting the other titles. They would be bored to tears. So -maybe- thats not the goal of this one, but to just get this type of MG game to a new audience. Which is great, but I only hope that Kojima keeps making his traditional titles, and im sure most can agree with that.

At the end of the day, Konami could have just made a action/fps if they want to just make money from the franchise and add call of duty & halo's features. Throw a serious advertising budget at it, and call it a day. I hope thats not the future of gaming, but it seems the writing is on the wall.

Pootangpie2979d ago

oh I'm sorry I didn't relize sliding money under the table had to do with hardware constraints btw Rising using the same engine pretty much only heavily tweaked which is actually a good thing the engine MGS4 used looked like shit anyways

hilliat27832979d ago


I reviewed your post history and your not a fanboy of either console because you talk smack about both to do nothing more than cause chaos with the people on that thread topic. Your the worst type of person because your a lonely person that no one wants to play with.

Jaces2979d ago

It's for those with a short attention span. XD

Natsu X FairyTail2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Did this guy said that HALF the xbox users havent played a MGS game because the age average of the users is 25?

What kind of STUPID LOGIC is that dummy?

5years ago the Xbox360 was new. What console you think that those xbox owners had? Xbox? no they most probably had PS2 with Metal gear games on it like The 2nd game the 3rd that came in 06. Before that What console was there you think? PSone and They had Metal Gear on that aswell.

So at the Age of 20 Those guys were able to play 3 MGS game on PS2 and 1 on The 1st Xbox.

at the Age of 19 they could of played MGS twin Snakes on Nintendo Game Cube

a Few years before they could have played them on PSone while they were in 6th grade.

You cant Based what other people did On What your Friends did dude.

I'm 20 and Own a Xbox360. Had a PS3 since Lunch date played all the MSG games on there. was a Kid with a PSone played MGS on there. Had a Gamecube Played Twin Snakes on the released week.

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Duke Spookem2979d ago

It's a mediocre game targeted at casuals.

Imperator2979d ago

It's a dumbed down, action game trying to appeal to the 360's fanbase who couldn't appreciate a true MGS. That's the reason that this will be a rental. Even Kojima himself wants nothing to do with this game. If you want a true MGS sequel (or prequel) get MGS Peace Walker.

albel_nox2979d ago

If it isn't broke don't fix it.

crzyjackbauer2979d ago

You mean 30 hrs of cutscenes and 2 hrs of gamplay
go to too tired after MGS4
MGS3 was more balanced

da305kratos2979d ago

yea yea keep sayin that u hater

IcemanHH212978d ago

Blow me.. the cutscenes are second to none ! they are so good.

Anime-Vixen2979d ago

♥ This is great! I always found the MGS games complicated. The story was confusing and so was the gameplay. Im so happy they taking a casual approach with this ♥

UP2979d ago

I am not. I like the fact that the story in MGS has been complicated and you have to put some level of thought to understand it.

DasBunker2979d ago

i like the subtle way UP used to call vixen stupid... i agree.

redsquad2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

So rather than find a different game series that suits you, you'd prefer to have an established franchise with millions of fans dumbed down to your level, giving those fans a big 'two-fingered salute' at the same time?

Yay for democracy!

Agent Smith2979d ago

Hey, didn't Square Enix try to aim for a wider audience with Final Fantasy XIII? Lol

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