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PSBlog "I’ve been a supporter of Insomniac Games ever since I played Spyro the Dragon on the original PlayStation that still sits proudly beneath my TV. Therefore, it was a genuine Pleasure to meet the company’s President, Ted Price, at gamescom in Cologne."

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Omar913036d ago

and thats why insomniac is one of the best developing team in the industry. they listen to there fans and one up there game with every game release.

3036d ago
extermin8or3036d ago

shame he doesnt talk more about resistance, and he was evasive on the real life cutscenes in game, i wis he'd just said no as I don't think it would work well lol

Faztkiller3036d ago

Does anyone know which game is going be demoed at PAX?

ZombieAutopsy3036d ago

Don't think they have said but I wouldn't rule out any of there games being shown their, along with the new multiplat title.

Elimin83036d ago

Switch, 'There and Their'.

Baltis3036d ago

Systematically destroyed anything good with the series by making R&C co-op only. Nice way to take story and put it on the back burner. This will be the end of the franchise for Insomniac. Sony will have to do what's right and take it from these hacks after it sales a collective 200,000 in its lifetime. Try filling or finding a game in this one after 3 months, let alone a year. Online games are disposable games. Simple as that.

gamerz3036d ago

Where do you get the idea it's co-op only? Just play by yourself - problem solved.

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