Blizzard: Diablo 3 would suit console

Blizzard has told CVG that of all its franchises, Diablo is the one that would most suit a port to console.

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So Easy I Can Do It3011d ago

no sh*t, but they aren't working on it.

InfectedDK3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

But they SHOULD
Cross platform maybe..
But they really need to port this to Consoles!

Persistantthug3011d ago

DIABLO 3 for consoles confirmed!

kevnb3011d ago

the only reason this gets said, is the console focus media keeps asking. Blizzard want to do things a certain way, consoles limit them so they dont usually bother.

Reibooi3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Personally i think they should make it a multiplat release at launch because that would be another few million units sold.

PC is the primary audience for sure but there are alot of console players I am sure would love to play Diablo III enough to certainly make a port worth their while I would think.

If they wait and port it later they run the risk of letting the hype die down and losing sales.

Boy30003011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Fallout never appeared on consoles and Fallout 3 is one of the biggest hits this gen.

I dont see any reason not to bring this game to consoles from a business point of view (or even technical for the matter)

Kurisu3011d ago

Agree. I would buy it! I liked playing Diablo II, but I didn't really take it seriously.


Zinc3011d ago

Honestly, most of the console players that would want to play the game probably have computers that will be able to play the game, too. Blizzard is well known for making their games work on systems that use hardware that is 5 or even 7 years old.

kevnb3011d ago

and they make more money per copy sold on pc. Before someone says piracy, rentals and used game sales pretty much make that even. Heck the main draw of diablo 3 will be online play, something you cant pirate and enjoy.

kevnb3011d ago

im assuming youre a sony fan... what if metal gear solid was multiplatform and held back by that, I mean the game took full advantage of the ps3 and would have been different. Blizzard has a vision, only possible on pc and more profitable in the long run. On pc dev cost are lower, no console fees, no short term shelf life, a user community to keep things going (how many bought warcraft 3 for dota), and best of all for them no time limitations on development.
I think some console only gamers should sit down and think about this for a second.

Reibooi3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )


Ok pretty much nothing you said made any sense.

Does Blizzard have a vision for Diablo 3? Sure but from what we have seen it's not like it's going to be pushing the PC to it's limits or anything. It will be a game that could easily run on both the PS3 and the 360. So that there is a non issue.

Considering Sony let Valve have steam works on the PS3 I would bet that they would allow Blizzard to have there for allowing for that community you are talking about. As well as Multi player. Mods and all of that stuff can still work perfectly on the PS3(Unreal 3 anyone?) Blizzard has the pushing power to make all of that happen.(maybe MS would not play ball on the 360 but I don't see why Sony would not.

Time isn't a issue. Blizzard could either have another studio do a port while they are working on it(like most others do) or they could do it themselves before ever releasing the PC version(fans have waited forever already another few months for a port would not make a bit of a difference).

Really if you think about it there is NO reason for them to not make the game on console. The amount of copies they sell would easily over come any negative in cost to do the port or anything of that nature.

Persistantthug3011d ago

There's absolutely no reason DIABLO 3 couldn't go to consoles...especially the PS3.

It's just for some strange reason, lots of PC guys like to pretend Consoles are helpless.

Diablo won't even be system taxing....the franchise never has been.

In fact, while PC versions of games are potentially the best, they also are the worst at the same time since developer have to program for low end PC's just the same.

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Alos883011d ago

Quit teasing us with statements like this and then stating it's not coming to consoles, make a decision and stick with it Blizzard!

kevnb3011d ago

and this is the statement that they will always make. Its the correct statement, things potentially could change.

Malebaria3011d ago

There was a Diablo game on the PS1. Bringing it to consoles would widen the market by around 80 million. From a business standpoint it´d make most sense.

Zinc3011d ago

You are not including the fact that of that '80 million', a certain (large) percentage already have or will have a computer that can play the game when it comes out.

cyclindk3011d ago

It would be even more suited if they added keyboard and mouse support for games... WHAT WILL IT TAKE SONY?!!! - Give us some key-mou support for games!

key-mou is copyrighted by my grandmother, SO DON'T USE IT!

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