Gouging Eyes in Killzone 3 Multiplayer (Kotaku Preview)

Kotaku: The key goals for multiplayer in the upcoming Playstation 3 shooter was to create an experience that is accessible to everyone, makes playing with friends a breeze and provides a "colossal immersive experience," said Martin Connor, lead multiplayer designer with developer Guerrilla.

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richard9193011d ago

i cant wait for this game! :D

telekineticmantis3011d ago

Kicking a player to death Lmao. The operations mode is sounding alot more interesting as I find out more about it. Having my player be able to be a part of the game is a great Idea. It would be sort of like(and I'm sorry for comparing these 2 games) Mario Kart(a game I love) when your player gets the trophy at the end and the other players sit on the hills watching lol.

solidjun53011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Sweet! The melee attacks should be awesome in this game. I hope they don't make a ribbon out of this. I don't want people to abuse this like those knife-ers in MW2. If there is a ribbon, make it extremely hard to melee the heck out of people...or make it really hard to get that ribbon.

Day 1!!!
I can't wait! :D

Mr Tretton3011d ago

It is strange those that you can stab and gouge Helghast, but you see no result. I hope something is done about that. (I doubt it)

You can't push your thumbs through glass.

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