Knights Contract - Games Com Trailer & Screens

Namco Bandai has released the official Games Com Trailer of Knights Contract. You can see also some new Screenshots from the Game .. through the Link ...

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jaredhart3015d ago

Wow! It really looks awesome!

Simon_Brezhnev3014d ago

seems like an extended version of the trailer they released months ago

xYLeinen3014d ago

Quite true. Think this game looks promising. I'm a sucker for CG movies tho so I try to be careful about hyping myself for a game. But I like the hack n slach concept and hoping there is a rpg element in this.

lazysey3014d ago

but because of crap like this Namco-Bandai will never bring the Tales series to north america. We have people like Bioware mastering this genre in the west. How bout they stop with their make-belief western game developing attempts and start working on bringing games that people are asking for that are already done but not localized yet i.e TALES OF VESPERIA & GRACES