It's official: CVG is biggest UK-based games site

Thanks to you, and you - oh, and especially you - CVG ( has today been confirmed as the biggest UK-based games site in existence.

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Cloudberry3016d ago

Congrats then.

I still remember many misleading title articles from CVG awhile back... : l

HeroXIV3016d ago

Best news? Kotaku isn't there! HALLELUJAH!

HarryMonogenis3015d ago

Isn't a UK-based site so it won't be there anyway.

By the way, Kotaku is a highly praised, highly recognised website whether you like it or not...

gillri3015d ago

used to read CVG we I was a kid, good to see them make the transition, I find it the best Website for gaming news while others I find better for Vidd, reviews etc

Perjoss3015d ago

I used to read the CVG magazine too many years ago and i loved it, i still have so many copies put away. But I dont like the website for some reason, its not on my list of daily sites to visit even though i do still check it out every few weeks.

Motorola3015d ago

Site attacked my computer multiple times......