360 Magazine: Gamescom: A Non-Event For Microsoft

Another Gamescom’s almost over, and it’s another bit of a non-event for Microsoft. Perhaps the company blew its load too early at E3 (actually, that was arguably last year, seeing as the company’s been dining out on little more than Natal/Kinect since summer 2009 anyway), but there just seems to be little else in the offing moving ahead.

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ActionBastard3011d ago

It really seemed like MS wasn't even there. Sony own Gamescom.

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SnuggleBandit3011d ago

Were they even at e3 this year?

soxfan20053011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Funny how when MS buys a former exclusive & brings it to 360, the Sony crowd makes fun of the MS crowd by saying "Ha ha, You guys are getting excited over a multi-platform game".

Yet, when Sony buys a former exclusive, it's suddenly a game-changer.

DigitalRaptor3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

There's no evidence that Sony paid to bring it over. Since Bioware has a PS3 team, and have released Dragon Age on PS3, they obviously see no reason to neglect that platform, if it will make them more money and get their game to a wider audience.

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Da One3011d ago

true, but we don't know if that's the case with Bioware and Sony

remember during the month of the ME2's release, configuration for the PS3 was found in the code (while being a multiplat engine this is nothing to worry about, however) it seems like Bioware already planned on releasing a ps3 version.

While SE didn't even care if people knew they breached their contract with Sony.

Rainstorm813011d ago

Well X360 losing Mass effect 2 is an even bigger megaton bomb than any former exclusive PS had from the PS2 era..........MS's goal was to take great exclusives from last gen, Sony just took arguably the best 360 exclusive from this current gen.

With 360 losing exclusives and exclusive companies makes it all the worse...

Its the same as if MS announced Uncharted 2 or God of War or Gran Turismo..

Why o why3011d ago

Sorry dude but multiplatform steals were THE highlight for many MS shows. This multi steal is a PART OF Sonys show....My point is they just have more at these shows than MS do.. And by more i mean more exclusive stuff that seems to be of a higher quality

n4gno3010d ago

@why oh why : exactly !

xbox fanboyz don't see the huge difference, when ms win a multiplatform game, it's THE event, "microsoft win E3" thing, even if they have nothing else, for ps3, me2 is just another game, lost in the ton of great exclusives.

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WildArmed3011d ago

MS usually don't go all out on anything but E3 and TGS (maybe?).

From what I recall, they were laid back during GDC too this year.

Though I gotta say, I was disappointed with Gears not being there (even though I knew about it long ago that they weren't coming)

Foliage3011d ago

Agreed, they just don't have the games to show up to more than one show.

NewZealander3011d ago

and ms said after e3 that they were saving stuff for gamescom, im starting to think ms has lost the plot, they seem to have lost all direction.

they lost mass effect 2
gears 3 is the last in the current story arc, so any future gears games will probably be multi plat.
halo reach is the final bungie halo game.
and after fable 3 comes out, what exclusives do we have to look forward to?
they killed rare, with kinect games and yet another avatar makeover coming, rare truly is dead.
and to top it off ms cant be trusted when they claim a game is exclusive, chances are it only timed exclusive.

i liked the idea of kinect but im really starting to hate it now, its taken all focus away from real games, true AAA exclusives, and its killed rare.

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NYC_Gamer3011d ago

well atleast MS announced alot of kinect titles...thats better than nothing right?even couple of 1st party ones too

Feckles3011d ago

You'd think that with Xbox's creative director being European they'd have something more for Europe.

Windows 7 Phone just doesn't cut it.

outrageous3011d ago

Maybe Windows 7 means nothing to you but it definitely sent shock waves through the industry. It was expected but the degree that M$ is going into it was not and you can bet Sony, Apple, Nintendo...etc are taking notice. The list of games they released was huge and impressive. Major battle about to take place and M$ wants be continued.

M$ also announced a move back to the PC now that Bach has been shown the door. This is/will be HUGE going forward. Imagine AW, Crackdown 1 & 2, Fable 2 & 3, Halo, Gears 2 & 3...monumental shift I'd

People, like always are blinded by bright lights and the Mass Effect on PS3 blinded everyone and lit up the phone/Internet server lines. Who cares, it's on 360 RIGHT NOW at half price no less. So PS3 gets it a year to the day that 360 got it. It made for fun chatter, but it won't be funny when EA charges full price for a game that is a year old and available at half price on PC/360.

Nobody took gamescom seriously ( except EA ) which is sad BTW. They have lots of money and should of spent a little promoting their upcoming games. There should of been some sort of live feed/website from the show which the promoters should of set up even if the publishers/developers didn't. It was a lost opportunity for them. E3 is the biggest show for gamers...everybody knows that.

Foliage3011d ago

Microsoft doesn't need a creative director. They haven't had an original idea in all their history.

DigitalRaptor3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Agreed, to some extent. Microsoft do have some original ideas, but very rarely. They take ideas that other companies have innovated and implement them into their own products to steal away marketshare from those companies. It's what they have always done, or attempted to do - with Windows, Xbox, Zune, and now the Windows phone.

Optical_Matrix3011d ago

Microsofts last big showing was at E32009. TGS09/E2010/Gamescom 2010 and inevitably TGS 2010....Kinect, Kinect and more Kinect. Instead of new game announcements which gamers actually want.

pork_chop_express3011d ago

e3 2009 was nothing special, if you had the common sense to see kinect was all smoke and mirrors it was dull.

nolifeking3011d ago

E3 08 was the last time I remember MS being serious about the 360, and even then it was the same games there banking on now.

ajlopo3011d ago

Microsoft's primary announcement was the Live functionality of Windows mobile 7. I'm very excited for this! Gamescom is not usually where MS makes any big presentations. TGS is coming and that I think is where we'll see some announcements.

PoorMansGT3011d ago

tgs last year they didn't show nothing either.

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