No More Heroes Previewed

Myarcadeplanet takes a look at No More Heroes for the Wii.

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MK_Red3778d ago

I really like Suda 51 and his games. I just hope Nintendo doesn't ban this game because of its violence.

MACHone3778d ago

I highly doubt this'll get "banned." Then again, if it does, I highly believe I'm gonna start lighting stuff on fire. Like houses. And babies.

cooke153778d ago

Nintendo doesnt ban games for being violent, retailers just dont allow AO games in their stores, and all three console makers do not allow AO games on their consoles. This game will be rated M. And Wii actually has quite a few M rated games. Scarface, Godfather, Farcry, Mortal Kombat, Splinter Cell, RE4, etc

jigaman3778d ago

It will get an "M" rating. If any of you played K7 then you'll know that this game won't get banned. K7 had blood, sex, and cussing. In fact if you hit a "critical point" on the Heaven Smile using certain characters they would say, "F*%$ you!" and "You're F*%[email protected]#". Great game! Can't wait for this game to come out it's gonna be awesome!

cooke153778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I wish this game would come sooner :(

3778d ago
PS360WII3777d ago

this game deffinatly looks pretty fun and crazy. Can't wait to cut people in half with that sword!