Molyneux 'Jealous Of Halo Success'

NowGamer: Lionhead boss/Fable developer and Peter Molyneux has talked about his constant struggle to make a good game, and his aspirations to match the success of Call of Duty and Halo

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DelbertGrady3012d ago

I think Fable is too niche to match that level of success. He should be happy with the sales of Fable thus far. It's done very well considering it's a pretty original series.

I can't help but imagining Peter M holding a keynote for a COD game. Military advisor lol.

R2D23012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I think when Bungies leaves Halo they will be jealous that Master Chief is with some one else.

Bungies review on Halo 4 will be the most talked about review on the net when Halo 4 comes out.

MorganX3012d ago

They made it niche by adding all the farting and personal growth elements that are really implemented at such a rudimentary level (see we said we'd put it in, so keep pressing "A" and make a baby,) that's it's meaningless.

Mixing "Ages" is also a mistake. Those who want Fantasy, don't want to cross into the musket Age. Either go Dungeons & Dragons or Pirates of the Carribean. One or the other.

Molneux is so arrogant he thinks he knows what gamers want more than gamers. Yes, you do want to fart a million different ways. Yes, you would rather "shoot" the dragon with a musket in lieu of a Sword & Arrow.

Fable will still sell, there's enough people who like it. But it will never be great with Molyneux at the helm. He's done.

dtalon33012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

hey want to tell me which games those are?

Halo 3 - Innovates Forge
Halo 3:ODST - Uses forge

Halo Reach- Uses forge

let us see here...well since your one of the other few hundred thousand STUPID gamers/consumers that thought ODST was a stand alone game. It was a Disc based expansion pack that had 3 Map packs along with it.

Halo Reach is the 2nd Full game to use Forge. It may not be new but I don't see anyone else doing it...even on the "system that does everything", though with the new activision deal, it will just be a matter of time before PS3 gets to have some bungie product in it.

p.s. farcry not included
(sry quick cheap shot for the ps fangirls :P I love to make fanboy's eyes pop with nerd rage).

Dance3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

which company isnt

theonlylolking3012d ago

Activision with the call of duty franchise.

0mega43012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

halo strives
due to a lack of other exclusives
and competition on the xbox
its original innovation it brought to fps

yet now with just more prequels and sequels
and its lack of innovation
has become just whats left on xbox

and with bungie gone halo success is bound to run out

coolbeans3012d ago

There's been 3 Halo games that have now used Halo's Forge option. The only other console fps to have that same type of feature is Far Cry 2. Sorry to annoy the fanboy ego but your argument hardly holds any truth and derives from unproven speculation.

0mega43012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

you said it yourself 3 games that have now used halo's forge option.

forge is no longer an innovation to halo.

yes to the fps most games don't have an create feature.
and pulling the fanboy card doesn't make your argument sound

"eating crow" seriously where are you from
ill eat my humble pie

so run along troll im tired of feeding your kind

Cold 20003012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

I was going to anwser Bulletproof but then saw that he only joined 31 days ago...veteran troll with a new account. Wont bother.

edit: and already has 5 bubbles ?? Guess all his alt accounts are working 24/7 bubbling him up.

MorganX3012d ago


I take you you feel the same about KZ 1-3, UC 1-3, Resistance 1-3, LBP 1-2, GT 1-5, etc., etc.

Come on ...

The BS Police3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Only two Halo games have Forge mode and those are Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.

coolbeans3012d ago


No 3 HALO games: Reach, 3, and 3:ODST. The only other one is Far Cry 2. How does a game that starts the trend, lose the innovation? *Grabs popcorn* I'm dying to hear that.

@The BS Police
I'm not exactly sure how ODST is favored on here, but that IS a seperate purchase. It's the same if GT5:P and GT5 added some new feature, they'd be considered a feature in both games.

0mega43012d ago

in my opinion*

@Cold if you had taken notice to the new rules and guidelines to this site
you would have noticed they updated it and gave everyone 5 bubbles which can be altered by the mods

@Morgan X
KZ pushed first person graphics on a console farther than ever before
KZ multiplayer modes were unlike another
KZ 3 features additions of jet packs, new control scheme, more vehicles

best graphics on a console so far hands down additionally the online multiplayer is different and very well balanced

This isn't anything that needs to be talked about as its obviously a very innovative game with plenty of new content in the new one

GT honestly unfamiliar with the titles never been much of a racing simulator person yet the screen shots look very nice

Resistance All kinda off innovative weapons kinda of like what rachet and clank brought to the market but in a FPS

Gears constantly adding more weapons, multiplayer functions and gameplay & while improving graphics and gameplay

Limbo nothing more than what LPB brought to the table as the game could be built in LBP as it has been done already

Halo in my opinion just doesn't bring anything game changing anymore and you can read all kinds of critic reviews on highly reputable sites which feel the same way

Kinect not innovative its just upgraded tech just like pseye
and will not be successful as a controller replacement but entrainment enhancement like controller plus kinect games and multimedia functions

move not truly innovative more like taking what is there and making it better by adding in camera support to wii motion controller technology combining the best of both world per-say

stop trying to turn this in to a fanboy argument i enjoy gaming on all platforms i have no problem playing the best games where ever them come from

and forge was not the origin of map customization
forge creation is like like the LBP of Xbox it isn't the game for having it
that makes it innovative its the community and what they build with it that has become its
biggest contribution to gaming

0mega43012d ago

then leave a disagree and a intelligent comment and ill get back to you


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outrageous3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Halo is a quality product that has spawned numerous copy cats with nowhere near the success. How many times have you heard the words Halo killer. Halo 3 sold 11 million units, came out 3 years ago and STILL thousands play it everyday on XBL. That is the definition of success. If Halo was available on all platforms and even a downgraded version for Wii and would be UNTOUCHABLE. M$ has hinted that Halo may end up on your cell phone soon in some capacity.

@Bullet...Xbox 360 has a great library of games...exclusive and multi-platform. What does that have to do with anything? People buy and play games they like. Halo is the envy of the entire gaming industry, with good reason. 343 studios is If you spent a little time researching instead of trolling, you would know that.

BTW on topic...Peter Molyneux is a quality person and EVERY gamer should respect the man. He lives and breath's gaming and is a credit to this industry and to us as gamers. He has nothing to be jealous of as his games have sold incredibly well. I wish he would up production a little. How he passed on LBP, which was developed by a couple of former employee's is beyond oops there Peter.

0mega43012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

& is not bungie
you're ignorant.

yes they have employes from bungie but there not bungie

just as valve has employees from naughty dog
does that make them naughty dog no does that make them sony no

and unlike halo MW2 has sold around 20 million copies in about a year.
so don't make stupid assumptions saying they are the envy of the entire gaming industry
when there not

so don't call me a troll if you cant even get facts right

what is has to do with is the fact that there losing developers left and right
and face it don't have very many exclusives left
and need to step there game up

theonlylolking3012d ago

That is because his games are boring. If he makes a game that has some excitement then people might buy it.

Johnny_Bravo3012d ago

You mean the close to 4 million people who bought Fable 2? I guess Uncharted 2 is boring since it received around the same amount of sales.

3012d ago
Hacking3012d ago

Well your not the only one Jealous every Game Developer on all 3 consoles are Jealous......... No Game let me repeat No Game can COMPETE against Halo except for Halo.

eggbert3012d ago

that MW2 doubled Halo 3's sales.

Fishy Fingers3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )


You might not like it, I hate the damn thing, but it decimates any game on any of the consoles.

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