Dimmed screens anger iPhone customers

If you've been toying with the idea of buying an iPhone, here's something you want to read. Computerworld recently came across complaints that some iPhone touchscreens are better than others.

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PlayStation3604022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

I checked my LCD panel ID, and the first # is 7. However, my screen is as bright as the iPhone on the right. Is it just some phones with the 7 having this problem? Or is it a higher chance having a dimmer phone if it has a 7? Anyone here has that problem?

Edit @ codeazrael: lol, I know what you mean bro. :) Yeah, I turned the brightness all the way, and it looks like the brighter iPhone in that pic. Now compared with the other iPhone in the pic (also turned up all the way), the dimmer iPhones must be real bad. I kinda feel bad for the folks who own one of those. :(

codeazrael4022d ago

I thought my screen was hella bright until i went into the options and found out that brightness was on auto and that it was only turned up halfway. When turned up all the way, the sun can go down and it'll still look like high noon, if you know what I mean.