GC2010: Crysis 2: Hero's Journey Multiplayer Footage

Ironstar: "Crytek has revealed some stunning footage of Crysis 2 multiplayer. With all the FPS(s) we have in the video game industry, you're probably wondering: what would make me want to play Crysis 2 multiplayer over the others that we have?"

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Timberland2K93038d ago

Is there some sort of glitch stopping this story from being approved?

Trackboss3038d ago

yup can't approve it's glitched somehow

N4GAddict3036d ago

The glitch has been fixed.

N4GAddict3036d ago

Crysis 2 is looking good.

heroprotagonist3036d ago

Yep, it will be the best looking game on consoles.

Bloodyghost3036d ago

This is old but great but here is some more gamescom Showfloor Xbox and PC gameplay. Sad there is no PS3 yet. BTW the PC's have 360 gamepads.

link to new map Crash Site! Looks great!

heroprotagonist3036d ago

According to your link the multiplayer demo given at Gamescom was done on Xbox 360s. That being the case I can honestly say those will be the best graphics on consoles when it comes out (unless Gears 3 or Killzone 3 surprises me).

jy_mrnd3036d ago

Awesome game getting PC version!

Treezy5043036d ago

I can't wait to pick this up on PS3... I'm going to be playing two awesome shooters back after back.... this and Killzone 3 :D

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