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"My only real criticism with the game was that my punches never felt really as though they had much weight behind them. Punches connected but I found myself watching the opposition’s life bar instead of guessing when he’d drop: so for that reason the punches and elbows felt hollow. Large impacts, even though they connected, resembled more of an orgy between two polygons rather than knuckle connecting with bone."

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whateva3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

day 1 lets rock!

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what the hell? I didn't submit this lol

Cloudberry3013d ago

It's great to hear that the developers took the criticisms in previews & Playstation BETA Room.

Looking forward to more previews of the newest build.

rdgneoz33013d ago

Yep, nice to see they looked at the criticism over how close it was to being 1 to 1 and worked on it.

Darkfiber3013d ago

I can't believe people are actually excited for this game.

tiamat53013d ago

I am glad to hear it has improved. Joystiq played a version that was only 60% finished and it already showed vast improvement over the other versions. I hope the final version is epic. But seriously though Sony,a word of advice. Add some bad girls too. Will help to sell the game.*nudge nudge wink wink*