Modern Warfare 2 for Poor People

GB writes: "Cant afford Modern Warfare 2? No worries. You can still get a feel of what Modern Warfare is all about, but the catch here is that you need to have Doom on your PC. Now using a mod called as SkullTag the protagonist will be skinned to match it's looks with that of the protagonist in Modern Warfare 2. "

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gameseveryday3041d ago

Perfect! I used to play so much Doom. Maybe it's because I'm older and don't play as many games, but I've never found a shooting game I liked as much as Doom and Doom 2. It's awesome seeing it in real 3d instead of 2.5d. Good job to whoever!

halocursed3041d ago

Wait... How are they able to look up? I'm pretty sure you could only look left and right in Doom, not up and down.

FragMnTagM3041d ago

It could be made to do anything the modder can muster with his ability and the hardware limitations. He could make the dude shoot lasers out of his ass if he wanted to. That is one reason why I have a gaming PC.

This mod is funny as hell. I think I will play through Doom again with it modded like that.

ZombieAutopsy3041d ago

WTF i went to approve it and it said "you can not approve your own submission" thing is though i didn't submit it.

cobraagent3041d ago

to me with another article however

electricshadow3041d ago

I laughed, have a bubble.

Interesting mod, nonetheless. Good job to whoever created it.

Cajun Chicken3041d ago

Do want. Man, I love the craziness that comes out of these Doom source ports. They've kept me entertained for years.

FragMnTagM3041d ago

love a good Mod. If it wasn't for mods, I don't think I would game on PC that much. I would definitely stick to the consoles I own more often.

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