Five Reasons Why Crysis 2 Multiplayer Destroys Modern Warfare 2

After experiencing Crysis 2 multiplayer at Gamescom, NowGamer offers a range of reasons why Crysis 2's multiplayer element places it ahead of Modern Warfare 2's online modes

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Wizziokid2956d ago

It's not hard to beat MW2 multiplayer, lets be honest, I can name 5 of the top of my head:


fastrez2956d ago

Spot on mate. All superb MP games.

0mega42956d ago

makes anything better than activation can throw out.

fastrez2956d ago

I agree, EA has really changed its outlook immensely in the last three years or so, it's become a real driving force of innovation and creativity again.

East_Coast2956d ago

One reason is sufficient. Anything more is redundant.

Oldsnake0072956d ago

true but man Crysis Mp looks like sh*t. I mean seriously it just looks like sh*t. look at the video they even copied killstreaks from MW2.

DecoyOctopus2956d ago

ive played all of those games multiplayer except crysis and i totally agree

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HeroXIV2956d ago

WTF N4G is saying "you cannot approve your own submission" but I ddidn't even add this lol. Anyone else had this error?

fastrez2956d ago

Yeah same here dude, it's odd :/ Maybe a Gamescom meltdown? :P

theonlylolking2956d ago

I am having that problem to. Maybe all the fanboys are weakening N4G?

Hacking2956d ago

Halo Reach destroys every multi-player game nothing can compete.

NateDPG2956d ago your own little world

0mega42956d ago

when thats the only title you have left for your 360

additionally the low selection of games are what makes 360 exclusives sell so well
theres nothing else to buy

Cold 20002956d ago

"additionally the low selection of games are what makes 360 exclusives sell so well theres nothing else to buy "

The 360 actually has more games than the PS3.

0mega42956d ago

they could have millions of game
but what good is it if noone wants them

one thing is for sure they don't have more exclusives

East_Coast2956d ago

You forgot to start your sentence with 'in my opinion'.

frostypants2955d ago

I am looking forward to Halo Reach. It will be good that the 360 will finally have a true next-gen Halo game, because Halo 3 was NOT.

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NateDPG2956d ago

Yeah MW2 sucks, but the first is still great

theonlylolking2956d ago

In call of duty noob tubes are fine without one of those explosive enhancer perks. With a explosive enhancer perk RPG, and nade launchers are annoying.

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