UNICO Calls Mafia II “racist nonsense,” Take-Two Responds

UNICO National, the largest Italian American service organization in the USA, has lashed out at the upcoming Mafia II, calling it “a pile of racist nonsense” and asked that the game be not be released. Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick has responded.

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Yi-Long3010d ago

Seriously, there will ALWAYS be a bunch of oversensitive people overreacting to something that's basically a non-issue.

We shouldn't even validate them with a response TBH.

Pennywise3010d ago

Everything has to be PC or there will be some crybaby group moaning about how feelings are hurt. People need to realize that if they don't like it, they shouldn't pay attention to it if it isn't harming anyone.

Christopher3010d ago

No more racist than any mafia movie made in the last 30 years...

FragMnTagM3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Look at all the countless mafioso movies on the market. Do they portray Italians and such in less demeaning ways? HELL NO! So why then would a game matter, that will be nowhere near as relevant to as many people as a movie is? Movies get a lot more saturation than games do.

Videogames have been a scapegoat for far too many things for far too long. I hope this kind of outcry over every controversial game ends soon. These groups need to find a new scapegoat.

When will society ever take a look at itself and realize that what needs to change is them, rather than a medium that serves as entertainment? "You must be the change you want to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

Bad parenting? Blame video games. School shooting? Blame video games. These are societal issues, not gaming specifically. Games fit into the societal issues, but they are only a very, very, small portion of larger problems of society.

Mainstream media like FOX, MSNBC, and so on do more harm every night when those nutballs get on TV and discuss Tiger's sex life for weeks, and months on end. Glenn Beck tries to brainwash millions of people into buying into his cold coin scam and even worse shit than that. Games can't even come close to that type of buffoonery.

Christopher3010d ago

If I were them, I'd keep my ire aimed at Jersey Shore and that other one that popped up after the success of Jersey Shore.

CrzyFooL3010d ago

I believe 2k's official response was, "Fuggedaboutit!!"

OSU_Gamer3010d ago


I don't really know a better response than that.

jaredhart3010d ago

i'm half Italian and have no problem with this game.

jaredhart3010d ago

Depends on the Situation.

Ascalon943010d ago

I'm part Italian and Jersey Shore is so fucking stupid. I don't care what they do but the whole Italian guido shit is not funny or entertaining. The show sucks nuts anyways. the characters are disgrace to Italians

Pennywise3010d ago

Funny part is everyone keeps asking Italians what they think about Jersey Shore while more than half of the crew isn't even Italian!

I think it is a total embarrassment. I am full Italian and I won't watch those idiots. But, Mafia... I have no prob with this game. It might not be 100% historically accurate... I haven't played it yet, but that is basically how it was in the mafia back in the day from what I have seen.

OSU_Gamer3010d ago



And I really don't see how someone can be "indoctrinated" with the idea that Italians are overly violent today because of a video game about violent (badass) Italians 80 years ago.

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what is it with all this slander of the games. i remember san andreas got heat because the main character was a black guy and they did the stereotyping, but what about gta 3 or 4! always happens!

CrzyFooL3010d ago

Seriously, you wanna talk about blatant racist stereotypes, look at San Andreas . . . I don't remember Al Sharpton coming out to protest that "nonsense."

Hitman07693010d ago

Get Em 2K!!! This is bull, you gotta have the right to express yourself in gaming, its simple freedom of speech. Anyone who thought it was racist is probably themselves racist.

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