Sorcery: Hands-on-Preview for the game that's specifically designed for MOVE (Cynamite)

Sorcery was developed to use the specific advantages of Sonys motion controller PlayStation MOVE. Cynamite describes in its Hands-on-Preview how it works and if the game will be able to stomp Harry Potter 7 for Kinect into the ground.

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0mega43013d ago

revelas an easter egg to sorcery

ethan3012d ago

I remember reading about that in the article. Can't wait to try that, as well as the rest of the game!!!

MiloGarret3012d ago


BTW, this is a preview written in german, translated by google into english.
Really contributors and approvers? Really?

harv0523012d ago

""Sorcery" is the name of the action-adventure game for PS3, in which it oscillates with PlayStation Move the wand. We have Sorcercy gezockt at Gamescom. Does it look old for Harry Potter Kinect?"

Wow! Top notch translation!! lol!!

Tony-A3012d ago

..the f*ck is a "gezockt"??

meetajhu3012d ago

We had the opportunity to move gamescom Sorcery and the magic wand to wave to the on and can you tell if the PS3 game the Kinect Potter can wipe out.

rdgneoz33012d ago

"As a nameless peasant boy pulls her off to find a teacher and learn the art of magic." This made me go wtf?

"Now we'll grab us the Move operation to resort to our young heroes on the ground." And this I'm still confused about...


Sony should add Move support to the Game Siren Blood Curse:

doshey3012d ago

that would be perfect game for move

jneul3012d ago

after reading this no one should have any doubts in their mind - sorcery is going to be a very special game.

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