Newspaper Source Claims FFXIII ad Ban Will “Devastate” Xbox 360 Sales

Nukezilla's Kev Lochun writes:

"The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned an advert for the Xbox 360 version Final Fantasy XIII because it uses PS3 footage.

[...]This attracted the attention of some of the mainstream media, who reported the story as it was. Not so the Metro, a free daily newspaper distributed in a handful of UK cities. It leads with the slightly sensationalist:

'A ruling that PS3 games feature better quality images than Xbox titles could have a major impact on the multi-million-pound industry, an expert has warned.'"

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verygoodyear2957d ago

I guess that's what you expect from a free newspaper.

TotalPS3Fanboy2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Shoudn't it be:

"Inferior FFXIII version will 'Devastate' Xbox 360 Sales"?

Bascially, this newspaper rather have gamers tricked, all for the sake of better 360 sales.

Godmars2902957d ago

I would say all these reports about PS3 FFXIII footage being used, the 360 version being bad, wold do that.

Game-ur2957d ago

Hyperbole articles are on overdrive these 2 days

Won't be surprised if a story titled "the sky is falling" gets approved

brazilianbumpincher2957d ago

if the game was just released not now talk about exaggerate.

that said...metro is a big paper even though its free,majority of the commuters pick one up going to work

SilverSlug2957d ago

That they pulled the ad? There are no more ads on TV for it.

Tony-A2957d ago

There are still ads for this game?

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