What gaming has forgotten

Critical Gamer writes: Each entertainment medium has one advantage over the others, that the very best examples exploit. Some music, through a process nobody fully understands, can instantly provoke feelings such as sadness or elation through sound alone; literature, connecting directly with your mind as it does, is capable of making the most preposterously unrealistic situations not only acceptable, but incredibly gripping and immersive; while TV & cinema can bombard the viewer with a mixture of highly evocative scripting, sounds and visuals (employing the finest writers, actors, musicians, and technology) to create an experience they’ll never forget. What is gaming’s advantage?

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Mondayding3040d ago

Blame the industry for hiring writers with film script backgrounds and the business reality of lowest common denominator + if it ain't broke...

scruffy_bear3040d ago

Total agree we need game writers not movie writers to write game scipt

Jim Crikey3039d ago

The Kane & Lynch games are perfect examples of what happens when game makers take their eyes off the industry and concentrate on movies instead.