Dead Space 2 multiplayer to be revealed soon

Rely on Horror states: "After being hit with that amazing sequence demoed at EA’s Gamescom conference, now it’s time for an update to Dead Space 2′s official site. Among the new things added to the site is a video where Steve Papoutsis, executive producer of the game, teases the multiplayer mode and states that a full reveal will be coming soon. My money is still on a Necromorph vs. humans type ordeal. It was once stated how we’d be able to tear off limbs with friends so…But who knows, obviously we’re all going to learn exactly what it consists of soon. More info on Dead Space 2 as it comes."

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TrevorPhillips3040d ago

I'm going to have a heart attack, someone call 000 which is for australia of course lol

Dead Space 2 FAGOTY - Freaking Awesome Game of The Year :D

xc7x3040d ago

that tag looked weird,should just use Awesome Game of The Year

MysticStrummer3040d ago

I'm interested in this game for the single player aspect, and that's it.

Excalibur3040d ago

I'm getting sick of the SP game suffering (hopefully DS2 won't) for a crappy tacked MP.

Dead Space 2 doesn't need MP.

Imperator3040d ago

UC2 didn't need multiplayer yet it was one great addition. As long as the team focuses and does things right (instead of just tacking it on), I think it has potential. Perhaps a horde-like mode where you and a couple of friends survive waves of enemies. You never know, it could turn out to be awesome.

PS3Freak3040d ago

As long as the Single player doesn't suffer, I'm fine with it.

dgroundwater3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

That's the problem though. Single player will always suffer in some form when multiplayer is added. Whether it's time and money spent putting it together, extensive playtesting, or simple disk space, a multiplayer mode will hinder the developers ability to craft the best single player they can.

AngryFork3040d ago

This is definitely going to be a "me too" multiplayer like Bioshock 2. People will play it for 2 weeks then switch back to MW2 or whatever else people play now. I really don't get why dev's even bother wasting time/resources on such a feature that's going to barely be used.

First they make Dead Space 2 way more action oriented than the first, then multiplayer too? And probably multiplayer trophies. I'm most likely not going to get it. I want a real survival horror feel, if I wanted Resident Evil 5 i'd play that. Just because this game is in the dark doesn't mean it'll be scary.

They need to show more videos convincing people it's scarier than the first, rather then explosions everywhere. Silent Hill should be the game to beat for this genre, not Mass Effect.

Jaces3040d ago

Tacked on multiplayer for games that don't even need it in the first place is becoming common these days.

The ONLY time you'll see me playing multiplayer on Dead Space 2 is for trophies, that's it and that's the only reason I suffered to reach level 40 in Bio2.

The only type of online I support is something like what UC2 and R2 offered, online co-op missions seperate from the campaign.

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El-Fenemeno12133040d ago

Imagine being the victim of kenisis XO!!!

RedDead3040d ago

Multi makes games less scary/intense imo so I would prefare not to have any co-op for the campaign. Some kind of horde mode or maybe a separate multi campaign based around action instead of horror might work?

Malebaria3040d ago

I can only see some type of cooperative mode working with Dead Space,not so much competitive. As long as it´s not interfering with the SP it´s cool.

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