New Gran Turismo 5 Screens That Will Make Your Eyes Bleed

If Gran Turismo 5 do not win for best graphics i would love to see who does, because this is just insanity

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jaredhart2714d ago

Game looks better and better.

Yardie2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

because they're fake, everybody vote the site down for posting pictures of real life and calling them GT5 screenshots, disssssspicable.

@disagrees tell me this pic doesn't look like real life

doshey2714d ago

it doesnt look like real life yardie
your welcome


do your homework man and stop killing peoples buzz with your fake bullshhhh

Yardie2714d ago

you need to calm the fuck down, i was just saying that it looks real, no need to get tearful.


no YOU need to calm down. you weren't saying they just looked real you said 'everybody vote the site down for posting pictures of real life and calling them GT5 screenshots'. thats personal so stop attacks and just enjoy the screens, if you dont like them then please move to the next article

Yardie2714d ago

And the bit where i said 'dissssspicable' should have confirmed that i was kidding, im not attacking anyone

nycredude2714d ago

Guys YArdie was being funny and sarcastic.

inveni02714d ago

I guess we all have different ideas on what's funny. For instance, I don't think Yardie was being sarcastic until he got about 5 disagrees.

Bereaver2714d ago

Yeah, I could easily tell he was being sarcastic. But, you should never do this to GT5, people are hardcore over this.

ico922714d ago

you should have put /sarchasm

hakis862714d ago

And Course Creator is INSANE!!

theEnemy2714d ago

News Flash:

GT5 looks better than real life.

get used to it.

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mrcash2714d ago

I hope so lol, I just hope the game looks that good in motion. Its the first racing sim i'm buying. I hear its the best so why not.

2714d ago
Blinding_Solo2714d ago

Its true! Noooooooooo My eyes are bleeding! This looks too good!

sikbeta2714d ago

GT5 = Definitive!

It Only Does Real Driving Simulator

marinelife92714d ago

Someone must have missed the sarcasm

MmaFanQc2714d ago

...My Eyes!!!!

MY EYES!!!!!!!

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TrevorPhillips2714d ago

oh dear god the game looks absolutely beautiful, I think i've got a tear in my eye

Holeran2714d ago

Nope thats the blood .

IRetrouk2714d ago

This is it, the game i have wanted since the birth of ps3, nothing can touch this and nothing can stop it either

TrevorPhillips2714d ago

Since the game is looking stunning, you want to cry together lol

IRetrouk2714d ago

yes i will shed a manly tear or two with you, lol, the game is gobsmakingly gorgous.

kingjoker342714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

These pics are photo-realistic

B00M2714d ago

The picture of that wheel of the old lambo! looks amazing! but suppose that is the photo mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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