You're wrong - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is NOT Burnout with cops

A closer look at what Criterion has actually done to EA's racer

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thorstein3011d ago

I would buy it. Burnout was simply amazing.

Bobbykotickrulesz3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Looks like Burnout with cops to me.

lol take it easy, shit. I was joking.

Biggest3010d ago

How is this even a thing? Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is the old dog here. I played the hell out of that game YEARS ago. This is a huge update to an old game. Where did comparisons to Burnout come from?

BrianC62343010d ago

The only reason anyone compares the game to Burnout is because Criterion is making it. Looks more like Hot Pursuit 2 to me though.

plenty a tool3010d ago

to get my pals on-line on hot pursuit. this game just smacks of great fun, and whats even better is the fact that ea have handed the franchise to criterion!!!

great move imo.... already on-pre-order

Blaze9293010d ago

who's calling this Burnout with cops? doesn't even look like Burnout. wtf?

xWaaavy-3010d ago

Burnout wtf? I'm still gettinnnn this though :)

KwietStorm3010d ago

This is the closest thing to the old school Need for Speed since the old school Need for Speed. Who said it was Burnout with Cops? Some random gaming newbie?

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The story is too old to be commented.