Top Nine Most Ridiculous Video Game Products

Consumers spent over $25 billion on video games last year, according to Today's Gamers Survey by Newzoo and TNS -- and video games as an industry have been around for over a quarter of a century. With so much history and so much money being spent, there were bound to be a few video game products that were clunkers. Here are nine of the worst offenders.

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thorstein2979d ago

"After you had paid more than a Game Boy or a Playstation memory card"

Well? Which is it? A Gameboy $189.95 (US) Playstation Memory Card $19.99 (US).

Well, that is quite the difference in price.

SactoGamer2978d ago

I don't know about MOST ridiculous, but they are pretty out there.

bloopertrooper2975d ago

I was going to say that number one was the most ridiculous one out there... and then google tells me this company also makes a Wii Bowling Ball!