Sony: 3D Games 'Easy For Most Devs'

NowGamer: Sony's head of 3D game development has said most studios have found converting their games to 3D 'quite easy'...

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Philaroni3012d ago

Ya they talked about on the EU blog if your game supports local split screen then your tech can all ready draw the same image twice. From that point it is very easy to get 3D in to any game. In fact just to give an idea, I think they said 70-80% of all current games on the market could have supported 3D. Its good to know that 3D wont eat up Dev time and ramp up costs.

rdgneoz33012d ago

Nice to see its easy for most devs to be able to implement. Then again, many devs are just lazy and won't take the time to implement such things.