Vanquish Looks to Set Standard for Special Effects

Sega's upcoming action title Vanquish is setting its sights on graphically redefining the action shooter genre. In a post on Sega Europe Blog, Platinum Game's Takeo Kido said that "other shooters are going to seem downright peaceful in comparison" to the action in Vanquish. But with all the space faring action and huge robots, it might surprise you to find out that the development team set their focus on the little things when creating the game's special effects.

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xYLeinen3040d ago

For some reason I think this game will really surprise me when I get my hands on it.

Khoa_D_Nguyen3039d ago

Yeah, I'm digging the visuals but I'll leave the jury out on the gameplay till I can get a hands on.

kanedaakira3039d ago

It certainly has me interested - I think it could be a massive sleeper hit with amazing fun gameplay

SirRunic3039d ago

One of my most anticipated titles. Can't wait for it!

3036d ago