IGN: Gamescom: No-kill Game Possible in Metal Gear Rising

The Metal Gear Solid series has always allowed players to stealthily make their way through the games without killing a single fool. The upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Rising will continue this proud tradition when it is released next year. At Gamescom today Konami confirmed that we'll be able to slice our way to the end of Rising without killing a single human.

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Wizziokid2921d ago

"Metal Gear Solid: Rising is all about slicing stuff up with your katana. People, cyborgs, buildings, sushi"

I do like sushi, I also like the idea of cutting a enemies hand of just because, this game could be a lot of fun if done right.

GWAVE2921d ago

No-kill playthroughs is a hallmark of the MGS series. I've done a no-kill playthrough on every MGS game except for MGS2. It's fun and challenging, especially if you do a no-kill/no-alert playthrough.

Cenobia2921d ago

Couldn't this just mean Raiden has a stun sword?

THC CELL2921d ago

This and kinect is going to give someone a hand injury and then we can sue hehehe
Im kidding

I will get this game for move.

Theonik2921d ago

Is it even confirmed teh game will support the move and kinect or are you pulling that out of your ass?

ATLGAMER2921d ago

Now move support has true potential....

fireplace2921d ago

Move actually would work. Kinect on the other hand...
But Kinect doesn't work at all.

Nate-Dog2921d ago

Interesting. Maybe I will stop being so skeptical about this game once we actually get to SEE SOME STEALTH GAMEPLAY KONAMI rather than just hearing them blab on about it.

longcat2921d ago

i could never be disciplined enough to not use the guns

Its like giving me a naked hooker + telling me to focus on her personality

kraze072921d ago

Lol, PEDROBEAR. Has your pedophile brother finally been arrested?

longcat2921d ago

Has totally reformed. Has even joined the priesthood. Stop the persecution.

newhumanbreed2921d ago

Stealth or not, I love MGS and would love to know more about Raiden.

dirthurts2921d ago

aka grey fox Is a playable skin or unlock of some sort. It would seem logical given the gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.