ExultPSP - Ultima VII Running on PSP

RPG fanatics rejoice! Ultima VII can now be played on the PSP, thanks to Phantom Fighter who has ported the Exult framework to PSP, which allows you to play Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII Part II: Serpent Isle, as well as expansions Forge of Virtue and The Silver Seed.

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Omicronn3903d ago

Ultima back from the commodore days was awesome.
Started the fantasy genre wave imo.

Armyless3903d ago

Then they should SELL it outright! I LOVE the Ultima series.

Karebear3902d ago

Does this require a homebrew firmware? I can't get it to run on 3.52

Armyless3902d ago

I think this is a homebrew homebrew.

I'll wager the controls are iffy without a full QWERTY keyboard to input commands. Not exactly portable, which makes me sad to admit. Ultima VII is a full-blown love affair, someone make it work, please.