Sony : 3D doesn't work well on 20 inch TVs

In a live discussion with Tim Page, Sony Electronics, Sony says 3D wouldn't "work well" with a 3D TV as small as 20 inch. But they're "looking into" making TVs smaller than 40 inches.

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Zir03041d ago

So no bedroom 3D then?

Thats a major downer for gamers :(

piroh3041d ago

he is right. i played some 3D crap on monitor, it was pain. 3D is supposed to be played at least on 35-40" TV. let's wait little longer and then you can buy 42" 3DTV almost for free

Conloles3041d ago

Works well on 20" monitors in 1080P! Oh but that's on PC never mind....

raptorjacob3041d ago

glad you only have one comment, that wasn't even clever.

El_Colombiano3041d ago

They said LESS than 40". 40" is a bedroom size HDTV so your comment makes no sense Zir0.

0mega43041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

wouldn't expect anyone to buy a 3DTV that small for gaming or even 3D bluray play back

[as it would be highly expensive compared to similar no 3D sets
and as with all tvs the price per inch goes down as size increase]

Boody-Bandit3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Who games on a 20" HDTV in their bedroom?
You can get 26" PC monitors for $200. Why game on a 20"?

I have a 52" in mine and my teen boys have 40" in each of theirs (all 1080p).
I hope they come out with a 32" that will work for my arcade cabinet. 40" would be too big when you are only 18 to 24" from the monitor.

I plan on picking up a 3D display when GT5 is released.
I just have to turn laps in 3D. I have the wheel, racing chair, sound system, tactile transducers and room shaking sub. The only thing missing is a decent 3D display to get the full immersion.

ActionBastard3041d ago

Who the hell is going to want to watch 3D in bed, let alone game in 3D in bed? I'm sure there are some people who want everything without limitations, but damn. I'm happy with HD gaming the bedroom and 3D in the family room.

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DelbertGrady3041d ago

What if you wear glasses? Are you supposed to wear the 3D glasses on top of your regular glasses then?

HeroXIV3041d ago

Yes. This also came up in discussion and he tests 3D for a living and says it works perfectly well. I can vouch for this too as I am short-sighted and when I watched a 3D movie the 3D works with AND without perscription glasses (except without glasses everything is blurry -- damn eyeballs!)

ActionBastard3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Straws you grasp at.

EDIT: @ Lovable
LOL @ sensitive. If you were familiar with any of Soda's comments and viewpoints, you would've kept quiet. Now, you wouldn't know that simply b/c you've been a member 1 day, so take a break from playing defense attorney.

Lovable3041d ago

He's just need to get sensitive geez

R2D23041d ago

Fair question being that people who play games and watch movies wear glasses.

Not every thing has to be a jab at Sony.

mushroomwig3041d ago

Makes perfect sense, HD doesn't work well on TVs that small so there's no reason why 3D would work better.

Why o why3041d ago

wait a minute

my phones got a bigger screen. I didnt really think it made sense to have a 20" 3d screen just like i dont see the point of a 20" 1080p screen...why bother. I understand people who will have an issue with pc monitors kinda but for me its gotta be 42 minimum for your primary next gen gaming.

Zir03041d ago

"my phones got a bigger screen."

Are you serious!? Your phone must be huge!! An iPad is 9", a laptop is 13" and your phone has a bigger screen than that!? What do you carry it in? A car? Wow lol.

But seriously the average bedroom screen is from 16"-26". So this won't be a major problem for film 3D which you will likely watch in your living room, but for gaming 3D, which most do in their bedroom this will be automatic fail.

It really is starting to look like Sony just wants to sell its big 3DTV. I really can't see 3D gaming ever taking off for the average gamer.

Why o why3040d ago

at those who really took that seriously

what i was serious about was the size for 1080p and 3d tvs to be worth it. I think 20" is too small.

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The story is too old to be commented.